6 Weird Superstitions Koreans Believe Told By A Korean

If you’re in a relationship, put down that chicken wing right now!

Korean YouTuber Rachel Kim shared the weird, cool, and unconventional superstitions Koreans believe in!

1. Fan death

The fan death is just the tip of the iceberg because there are so many weird superstitions in Korea.


2. If you eat chicken wings, you’ll cheat on your partner

How are those two things even related?!


Rachel explains the logic behind this one is that the chicken wing contains a lot of collagen, and eating collagen makes you beautiful. So, if your partner becomes more beautiful, they will cheat on you.

3. You will fail your test if you eat seaweed soup

The seaweed in the seaweed soup is slippery, so you will most likely slip, miss all the correct answers.


4. Never cut your nails at night because a mouse will eat your nails and turn into you

5. You will turn into a cow if you lie down right after your meal

People probably say this because it’s not good for digestion to lie down after you eat.


6. If you whistle at night a snake will come to you


Did you know any of these? A lot of East Asian cultures have similar superstitions, so if you’re Asian, you may have heard a variation of one of these when you were growing up!