6 World-Class K-Pop Stars That Yang Hyun Suk Denied From YG Entertainment

They all wanted to join YG, but failed.

Yang Hyun Suk revealed 6 of K-Pop’s most successful and popular artists that he denied from the company.

1. Rain

Yang Hyun Suk said Rain auditioned for YG Entertainment, but was not accepted. Rain ended up debuting with JYP Entertainment and went on to become on of Asia’s biggest stars ever, making waves across Asia and even making his mark in the United States.

2. Park Bo Gum

Regarding Park Bo Gum, he sent in an audition video into YG Entertainment, but his video was not shortlisted, and thus he was sent away. Yang Hyun Suk lamented his decision to not pick his video.

Park Bo Gum started to make his breakthrough as an actor in 2014 with roles in dramas Naeil’s Cantabile and Wonderful Days, and became a household name in Korea after MC’ing on Music Bank and his role in Reply 1988.

3. Chungha

Yang Hyun Suk also didn’t shortlist Chungha‘s audition video as one of the top auditionees, leaving her on her path to JYP Entertainment, MNH Entertainment, and finally Produce 101. She is now considered one of Korea’s top female soloists.

4. Red Velvet’s Wendy

5. Crush

6. Honey Lee

Similarly to Chungha and Park Bo Gum, Wendy, Crush, and Honey Lee all auditioned for YG Entertainment through videos, but they were not accepted either.

Wendy moved on to join SM Entertainment and debut with Red Velvet. Crush joined Amoeba Culture and is considered Korea’s top R&B artist, and an artist everyone wants to feature on their tracks. Honey Lee represented Korea during Miss Universe 2007 and is now a well respected actress.

Imagine YG Entertainment with these 6 idols as part of their lineup! Watch the full clip below:

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