6 Times YG Entertainment Groups Proved They Have The Best Main Dancers

Who is your favorite YG dancer?

When it comes to the talent of their idols, YG Entertainment is renowned for their high standards. Over the years, every group they’ve debuted has had at least one well-known dancer who made an impact on the industry.

Check them out below!


First on the list, BIGBANG is one of the most famous senior groups in K-Pop, and Taeyang was one of the members who made them known far and wide.

His smooth dancing and charismatic performances were as good in 2006 as they are in 2020!

2. 2NE1

Minzy made a splash in the industry when 2NE1 debuted in 2009. Though she was only 15 years old at the time, her dancing skills were far ahead of her years.


While WINNER is primarily known for their vocal and rap skills, they also have one member who stands out for his dancing: HOONY. He’s so good, he was named a dance mentor for the KBS variety program Dancing High. He’s known for his artistry and creativity in choreographing dances.

4. iKON

Through the survival show WIN: WHO IS NEXT, fans saw how everyone in iKON is skilled at dancing. Out of everyone, however, it is DK who claims the “main dancer” title. With his powerful moves, it’s not hard to see why.


Next up, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is celebrated for her dancing skills. She’s so popular for it, she became the dance mentor for Youth With You, a Chinese survival program.

She continues to post dance videos on her YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official.



Last but not the least, TREASURE may be YG Entertainment’s most recently debuted group, but their skills are up to par with their seniors. Fans recognize two members as their main dancers: Doyoung and leader Hyunsuk. They showed off their moves in several pre-debut dance performance videos.