7 Actresses In Their 40’s That Have Actually Discovered The Fountain Of Youth

These ladies are defying time with their ageless looks!

Whether you go by their Korean age or their international age, these actresses have been defying time and have kept their fresh and youthful looks throughout the years. They look so good that it’s hard to believe that their truly as old as they are! Whether they say their young appearance is due to rigorous exercise or good skin care, we all know the truth is that they have secretly found the fountain of youth!

1. Kim Sa Rang

It’s hard to believe that the stunningly beautiful Kim Sa Rang is 42-years-old! She contributes her youthful good looks to pilates and massage. She has also said in the past that she keeps away from alcohol and uses a humidifier to keep her skin supple and moisturized.

Regardless of what she does, it seems to be working! In 2000 she took part in the Miss Korea pageant and she could probably do the same today!

2. Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won could easily trick people with her young features and it almost seems like she is aging backwards! Since she was born in the later part of 1978, she is currently 41-years-old, but turns 42 on June 28. According to her, she eats fruits and nuts regularly as well as cleanses her skin carefully each day. Perhaps this is what helps her maintain her youthful glow!

It does seem pretty likely that her secret really works since she hasn’t seemed to age since 1999!

3. Kim Sun Ah

Kim Sun Ah is another actress who seems to be aging backwards! The 46-year-old even revealed in an interview that she has abs! It could be her dedication to doing 600 sit-ups a day that keep her looking so young or maybe she really did discover the fountain of youth.

Although if you compare pictures of her now with pictures of her from 2005, it seems likely that she really did discover the fountain!

4. Kim Hee Sun

Kim Hee Sun who has amazed audiences with her acting skills and showed off her unique artistic talents on variety shows is actually older than she appears. She was born in 1977 which makes her 43-years-old. In fact, her 43rd birthday was just 4 days prior to the release of this article! She keeps herself fresh-faced by making sure her skin is properly moisturized.

Her moisturizing routine seems to have worked really well! She doesn’t look any older than she did in 1999!

5. Ko So Young

Ko So Young loves to exercise. She’s been exercising a lot to help with blood circulation and to keep her body fit for years. Her love of exercise has definitely helped her keep her youthful appearance. Maybe that’s why its so shocking to know that she was born in 1972!

The exercise has definitely helped her keep her youthful looks. Just compare what she looks like now to what she looked like in the 1998 film “If The Sun Rises In The West”.

6. Lee Young Ae

Drinking water is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, just ask Lee Young Ae. The 49-year-old actress attributes drinking water as one of the most important things she does for her body. Besides hydration, she keeps her youthful glow with skin care!

In 1997 she was cast in Medical Brothers. Compared to today it almost looks like she’s been aging backwards! Maybe she’s secretly drinking water from the fountain of youth!

7. Kim Hye Soo

It hard to believe that Kim Hye Soo‘s in her 40s and it’s even harder to imagine that she’s in her late 40s! Kim Hye Soo was born in 1970 making her 49-years-old! Even more shocking is her Korean age of 51! So how does she keep herself looking so young? She rarely eats fast food and takes care of her skin and body.

What she does really does seem to work. In 1998 she starred in the movie “Too Tired To Die” and she looks like she hasn’t aged a day since!