7 Adorable BTS Jungkook Moments From The 2020 TMA

We love our golden maknae!

Recently, BTS attended the 2020 The Fact Music Awards (TMA) and took home four awards including the Daesang.

This is special in that it is the third year in a row winning this award! Throughout the entire show, Jungkook made sure to show off his adorable maknae vibes and brought smiles to fans’ faces.

1. A wink and heart for ARMY

His adorable actions started right from the red carpet as he stared straight at the camera and expressed his love to ARMYs.

2. Visuals a mask cannot hide

Although they had to wear a mask for health and safety measures, it could not hide Jungkook’s legendary visuals!


3. Groovin’ and movin’

He couldn’t help but get his groove on as they entered the stage!

4. A classic JK spin

You could tell he was in a good mood as he continued to spin and dance about on stage.

5. Eating CDs for breakfast

After a long wait, the group finally got on stage for their performance and Jungkook started it off with a voice that sounded exactly like the CD.

6. A happy maknae

After receiving their award, Jungkook couldn’t help but wiggle and dance as he held the trophy.

7.  Jungkook buffering after the track cuts off

After their encore stage was abruptly cut off, Jungkook makes a buffering sound with “Dynamite” instead of being cut off guard.

Regardless of any situation, Jungkook can pull it off in a cute yet professional manner! Congrats once again to BTS for all their wins at the 2020 TMAs!

Source: theqoo