7 Amazing Dance Covers Of BTS’s “ON” That Will Blow You Away

BTS fans are super talented.

With BTS’s new title track “ON” being only released a week ago, fans around the world have already learned the choreography and posted dance covers online. Even though the dance for this comeback seems even more difficult than ever before, fans are still keeping up with them. Let’s take a look at some dance covers that gained much attention online.


SEOULA is a group of LA students who came together to create K-Pop dance and singing covers. They released their cover almost immediately as they tried to hit the 24 hour cover challenge.


GIRLKIND is a group that started in 2018 and is a part of Next Level Entertainment.


MORE THAN YOUTH dance group covers various K-Pop groups through their YouTube channel. They also run a dance studio and take reservations for lessons.


Masahiro is a half Japanese and half Korean YouTuber that covers K-Pop dances online.

5. Lisa Rhee

Lisa Rhee is a dancer who also posts dance covers on YouTube.

6. Chego

Chego is a three members dance and vocal unit from Japan.

7. J2N

J2N is a YouTuber who posts dance and daily life online. He gathered his friends to cover this dance together.

What’s your favorite dance cover for “ON?” How well do you think they did?

Don’t forget to check out the original video of BTS!