7 K-Pop B-Side Tracks That You Should Already Know About

Have you heard of these songs?

K-Pop fans know that although title tracks from albums are always on point, it’s the B-Side tracks that hold the real gems. For those that may not have heard some of these hidden jewels from top K-pop groups, here’s a few suggestions for you to add to your playlist.




Red Velvet- Kingdom Come

“Kingdom Come” is part of Red Velvet’s second studio album, Perfect Velvet released in 2017 by SM Entertainment. This song is a mix of R&B with a bit of pop. The main focus of this song is the group’s vocals. It really proves just how strong vocally the group is with their individual and harmonization capabilities. It’s no wonder Red Velvet fans have a special place in their hearts for this song.

BTS- 134430

“134340” is the fourth track on BTS’s studio album Love Yourself ‘Tear’ and was released in May 18, 2018. This song was produced by Pdogg and RM, Suga, and J-Hope took part in the lyrics. The unique flute sound of this track gives an overall feel good mood and is the perfect song to listen to in space supposedly! Back in June of 2019, NASA revealed that they added “134340” as well as “Mikrokosmos” and “Moonchild” to their moon playlist.



SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop unit released the song “Trauma” back in 2017 and continues to be a favorite among fans as it showcases the members’ heartfelt rap about their personal struggles. This hip-hop unit is made up of S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon.




TWICE- Love Foolish

“Love Foolish” is a part of TWICE’s eighth EP Feel Special and was released on September 23, 2019. This song features an old school dance vibe with just a hint of modern day sounds. It also garnered attention as Momo wrote the lyrics for this song. Fans were excited to hear another song written by her as her previous songwriting talent was proven through their previous song, “HOT.”

EXO- Gravity

EXO’s “Gravity” is featured on their sixth studio album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, and was released on November 2, 2018. This song was also co-written by Chanyeol and is a favorite among fans for its unique futuristic sounds and members’ vocals. It’s a fun feel-good song that’s good for long drives in the car or while at work with your earphones on.

NCT 127- Baby Don’t Like It

“Baby Don’t Like It” is part of NCT 127’s second EP NCT #127 LIMITLESS, which was released on January 6, 2017. The beat for this song is groovy and the rap line just makes it even better. Johnny even mentioned that this is his favorite song “because it’s sexy.”

Dreamcatcher- Silent Night

“Silent Night” is part of Dreamcatcher’s EP Raid of Dream and was released in 2019. This dance/electro-pop mix gives it it’s signature Dreamcatcher vibe and the ending of this is a shocker! Don’t let the title of this song fool you because this ain’t no Christmas carol!





Have you heard of these songs? What other B-Side tracks are your favorite? Let us know!