7 Badass Face Chain Styles Stray Kids Bang Chan Rocked

Stylist: How many styles do you want? Bang Chan: Yes.

Once K-Pop stylists catch onto something new, it quickly becomes a trend among all the different idols and groups. One of those trends was face chains, worn on senior artists like EXO‘s Baekhyun to relatively newer ones like Kim Wooseok. In 2020, Bang Chan of Stray Kids had everyone looking forward to how he’d wear his face chains for the group’s “God’s Menu” promotions. Here are seven of the styles that made him look like a total badass.

1. Two In One

While a face chain typically consists of one single chain, Bang Chan spiced it up in more ways than one. He went with two long chains that caressed his face from ear to ear. There was something else noteworthy about the look.


Rather than keeping the chains one solid color, one chain was bright white, with the other being a dark hue that was nearly black. With his light contacts, the look was even more striking.


2. Two Chains

Sticking with two chains for this style, Bang Chan once again put a twist on the look. While it was laid across his face, it wasn’t from ear to ear. One end was attached beside his ear while the other seemed to appear from nowhere, falling from above his right eye.

| 스브스케이팝SBS KPOP/YouTube

The chains were also lighter than the previous style, a perfect balance in between. When Bang Chan turned to the side, the face chains looked stunning from their ideal placement. What did it look like up close?

| 스브스케이팝SBS KPOP/YouTube

The face chains were strings of tiny circles, their color changing from dark gold to silver, depending on the angle and lighting.

| realstraykids/Instagram

3. Less Is More

Similar to the first style where Bang Chan wore two different-colored chains across his face, he decided to keep it simple. Opting for one dark chain from ear to ear, it had a darker vibe than the others. He looked as if he could stare right into your soul.

| MBCkpop/YouYube

4. Silver Elegance

While the other styles had a bit of an edge and serious feel, Bang Chan dialed it back for this bright blue backdrop. With one sparkly silver chan laid across his face, there was another attached from his right ear to the top of his forehead.

| STUDIOCHOOM[스튜디오춤]/YouTube
Unlike the vibe of the other face chains, these gave the feel of elegance while still maintaining the powerful feel of “God’s Menu”. The other necklaces he wore enhanced that vibe.

| STUDIOCHOOM[스튜디오춤]/YouTube

5. Pearly Whites

This style of face chains was pretty similar to the previous one, with some creative tweaks to make it distinctively different. The place of the chains, so white they resembled pearls, was the same as above with a minor change.

| MnetK-POP/YouTube

Rather than the chains crisscrossing over Bang Chan’s nose, the two connected further to the right, beneath his eye. The small change made a significant difference in how it fell across his face.

| MnetK-POP/YouTube

6. Gold Crisscross

In order to keep his face chain style fresh and eye-catching, Bang Chan once again tweaked the simple two chains. The most noticeable change was the bright, golden color that easily caught the eye and complimented his other accessories.

The second change was their placement. Unlike the others, these two chains connected right at his nose in a symmetrical look that was cleaner and just as sharp.

| MBCkpop/YouTube

7. The Original

While all of Bang Chan’s face chain styles were all pleasing to the eye, ranging from soft and elegant to dark and mysterious, there was nothing like the one that started it all. The dark gold, crisscrossed chains will forever be an iconic reminder of “God’s Menu”, along with Hyunjin‘s long, blond hair.

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