7 Boy Group Stars Who Want To Date A Girl With Short Hair

Short-haired girls rejoice!

Generally, many people assume that guys prefer girls with long, flowy hair. However, there are numerous men out there who love short hair just as much—if not more. These 7 boy group stars all specifically listed short-haired women as their ideal type.

1. Yuta (NCT)

On one live broadcast, NCT’s Yuta said he likes long hair on himself, but prefers short hair on girls (with or without bangs). In the past, he’s also said his ideal type would be a shorter girl with a lot of compassion.

2. Taeil (NCT)

In an interview, NCT’s Taeil said he likes girls with short hair too. In fact, he cheekily added that he’d still like a girl even if she had no hair at all.

3. Onew (SHINee)

Way back in 2013, SHINee’s Onew revealed that he likes girls with short hair. He also prefers girls with a cute vibe.

4. Minhyun (NU’EST)

Way back in his rookie days, NU’EST’s Minhyun told fans he likes older girls with short hair. However, when one long-haired fan got upset, Minhyun said that as long as a girl has hair, they can be his ideal type.

5. Yuto (Pentagon)

For Pentagon’s Yuto, the perfect girl would be someone with short hair and an honest, bright personality.

6. Sungjin (DAY6)

In an Arirang Radio interview, sweetheart Sunjin from DAY6 said his ideal type would be a girl just like his mom. Specifically, he prefers sexy, tall girls with short hair.

7. U-Kwon (Block B)

Block B’s U-Kwon always said he liked girls with short hair best. So, it was no surprise that when he revealed his girlfriend (model Jun Sun Hye) back in 2012, she had short hair too.