7 BTS Covers Done By Other K-Pop Artists You Need To Listen To

What are some of your favorite BTS covers?

With so many amazing BTS songs, it’s only natural that there are many covers on it on the internet! Along with fan covers, there are also a lot of other Korean artists that have put their own twist to these great songs. Here’s a list of some covers done by K-Pop stars!

1. Eric Nam’s version of “Euphoria”

Eric Nam has a way of putting his own twist on his covers and this one is no different. His soothing vocals brings on a different tone than Jungkook’s and gives a bit more of a calm vibe.

2. Kisu’s version of “Winter Bear”

Former 24K member Kisu gave his own version of V’s “Winter Bear” and brought up the key a notch to bring a more high pitched song than the original.

3. BTS Mashup Medley by Sam Tsui and Megan Lee

Sam Tsui is a singer and producer who became popular through his song covers online. Megan Lee is a Korean-American singer and actress who promoted in Korea before returning to the states. This duo brings their own twist to BTS’s songs with their groovy vibes and charisma.

4. THE BOYZ version of “Boy in Luv”

THE BOYZ are an eleven member group created by Cre.ker Entertainment in 2017. They performed this BTS song at the DMC Festival back in 2018. They bring another kind of energy to their performance and seem to do a good job of maintaining that energy throughout the show.

5. ONEUS version of “DNA”

ONEUS is a six member group formed in 2019 by RBW Entertainment. They were able to keep their individual flavor while still keeping track with the original flow of the song.

6. Sung Si Kyung’s version of “Boy with Luv”

Sung Si Kyung is a popular ballad singer from Korea who sang a slow and smooth tempo version of the group’s song “Boy with Luv.”

7. Kim Dong Han’s Version of “IDOL”

Kim Dong Han is a singer that first became known after participating in the show Produce 101 Season 2. He made his solo debut in 2018. He shows great energy on stage performing a difficult song such as “DNA” all by himself.

Which one was your favorite cover?