7 Celebrities Who Have Confessed That They’re Actually Balding

These brave idols have publicly addressed the problem of balding.

Hair loss isn’t a fun topic, and many people feel very self conscious about balding — but it is a common part of growing older. The below idols have bravely admitted to hair loss at one point or another, whether it be due to stress, age or diet.

1. Park Myung Soo

When Infinite Challenge’s Park Myung Soo publicly announced he suffered from hair loss and used a specific product to hide the fact, he became the official face of the product!

Hair Rich became a hit item in South Korea after Park Myung Soo confessed and began promoting the product.

2. Kim Yong Man

Appearing on Happy Together 3 with Yoo Jae Suk in 2017, Kim Yong Man confessed that, like Park Myung Soo, he also used hair makeup to cover the fact he was balding.

He openly discussed how he used the cover-up product and joked about how foreigners just use pepper to cover their bald spots.

3. BTOB’s Peniel

Peniel admitted on KBS’s Hello in 2016 that he suffered from accelerated hair loss that had begun five years before.

[다시보는 안녕하세요-16.11.15]비투비 프니엘 탈모의 원인은 은광?!

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The 26-year-old also revealed his fellow members tease him about it, calling him “monk” in good fun.

4. Lee Kyu Han

Known for his role in the popular drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon, actor Lee Kyu Han admitted publicly more than once he suffered from hair loss that he said was ongoing.

It was so well-known when he appeared on Radio Star in 2014 that he joked he had gotten an offer to become an “honorary hair loss ambassador”.

5. IU

IU revealed the story of her hair loss on MBC‘s Questionnaire to Change the World in 2011.

She admitted she had a hole where you could see her scalp because of the hair loss caused by the stress leading up to the release of her new album.

Her friends told her about it and she was shocked by how easily it could be seen when taking pictures.

6. Infinite’s Sungyeol

Sungyeol was a guest on MBC FM4U’s Sunny’s FM Date in 2014 and admitted that stress made him lose his hair.

He said that when he was 22 he began losing his hair because he couldn’t find work.

There were no schedules for nine months so I suffered depression and partially lost my hair.

— Sungyeol

When host Sunny asked if it’s okay to talk about hair loss as an idol, Sungyeol answered comically: “It’s okay. They’ve all been filled in now.”

7. Ha Yeon Soo

Actress Ha Yeon Soo confessed on My Little TV back in 2015 that she started losing her hair after she finished filming one of her dramas.

She’s convinced it’s all about mood, though, and said that she was so happy while filming the variety show that she was sure to have regrown at least 50 strands!

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