7 “Controversial” Food Opinions BTS’s Jungkook Agrees With

Do you agree with his food tastes?

We love BTS‘s Jungkook to bits, but sometimes, he has some questionable taste in food. Although food preferences are subjective, we’d like to point out just 7 types of foods he enjoys, but most people might hate.

1. Mint Chocolate

A universally debated topic, mint chocolate has the power to unite or divide. Jungkook claims to really like mint chocolate!

My hair dye has faded a little, right? I think it was originally supposed to be like this. It looks a little like mint chocolate, right? This part is the chocolate, and so now it’s mint chocolate. I’m part of the mint chocolate club! I really like mint chocolate, so I really like this.

โ€” Jungkook

2. Pineapples on pizza

Okay, this one, we approve. Hawaiian pizza is the best thing ever! Jungkook was seen clamoring for the flavor when the group took a visit to the pizza parlor.

3. Matcha or green tea

In an interview once, he named green tea as the flavor he cannot live without. Jungkook likes green tea in ice cream, lattes and smoothies.

4. Pure canned tuna

We think the GIF speaks for itself.

5. Unpopular Korean ice creams

Known as the trinity of unpopular ice creams in South Korea, it is unfortunate (or is it…?) that Jungkook enjoys all three. Corn flavored ice cream, a fish bread ice cream, and bibibik, a frozen pop that tastes a little like red bean.

The reason? He likes ’em plain.

I like green tea and mint chocolate and bibibik, and hmm, what else? Oh, I don’t like things that are fresh and sweet like fruits. I like plain tastes.

โ€” Jungkook

6. Raisin bread

Well, not all raisin bread is made equalย โ€” some are really good! So we’ll give him a pass on this one.

Raisin bread is really good! It adds on to the sweetness in the bread. It’s good! Don’t eat it if you don’t like it. Raisins alone are good too.

โ€” Jungkook

7. Coriander (also known as Cilantro)

We definitely can’t forgive him for this one. Coriander…

There you have it! Do you agree with Jungkook’s tastes in food?