7 Details From BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LALISA” Music Video You Might Have Missed

#5 blew our minds 🤯

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa just dropped her “LALISA” video, and BLINKs can’t get enough!

The video is full of details, so it’s practically impossible to notice everything on your first watch.

Here are 7 things you may have missed in the “LALISA” music video!

1. The video’s length

Since this detail isn’t technically in the video, it’s one of the easiest details to miss. The “LALISA” video is exactly 3 minutes and 27 seconds.

Lisa was born on March 27, 1997, so the video’s run time represents her birthday. Clearly, Lisa put a lot of thought into the video, and even into its unseen details!

2. Multiple languages to signify Lisa’s global impact

Lisa’s a global superstar, and the “LALISA” video reflects this!

As she struts down the street, there are multiple languages written on signs, including Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and English. This subtle detail shows just worldwide Lisa’s reach is, and its meaning is heightened by her singing “I shake up the world” as she walks.

3. Lalisa built into the set

This one is easy to miss if you couldn’t take your eyes off of Lisa as she danced!

Lisa’s name was lit up behind her as she danced and reminded viewers just how proud she is to be her legendary self!

4. Police? We only know Polisa

Who needs police when you have polisa?

The police behind Lisa have “Polisa” written on their vests, which adds yet another witty reference to Lisa’s name to the “LALISA” video!

5. The incredibly smooth transition from Polisa to Pole-lisa

If Pole-lisa had you shook, you might have missed the super smooth transition from the police scene to the pole dancing scene!

As Lisa raps “promise there’s nothing scarier,” she walks behind a pole and emerges with a totally different outfit and longer hair. This transition was so well-executed that you would’ve missed it if you blinked while watching this scene!

6. Glitter transforms into a desert

The “LALISA” video is full of great transitions!

As Lisa blows gold glitter toward the camera, the video transports viewers to the desert. It almost seems as if the glitter transforms into the desert’s sand because the transition is so smooth!

7. 97 sticker on Lisa’s ATV

Yet another hidden reference to Lisa’s birthday!

As Lisa zooms through the desert, you can catch a glimpse of a 97 sticker on her ATV. Like the video’s run time, this sticker is another reference to Lisa’s birthday and represents her birth year of 1997.

Check out the full “LALISA” music video below!