7 Energetic K-Pop Boy Group Songs That Are Actually Super Sad

WINNER’s “Ah Yeah” is actually a break up song.

Most K-Pop songs follow a similar story throughout the performance. If it has a happy melody, it will have happy lyrics and bright clothing and makeup. If it has a sad melody, then a dark overall theme will follow.

Some songs, however, have opposite lyrics from its sound. These following “bright” songs might not be so bright after all from the look of its lyrics. Check them out below!

1. WINNER – Ah Yeah

WINNER themselves promoted “Ah Yeah” as a “happy breakup song”.

One wouldn’t know the first (or second or third) time they hear it, however, as it’s a summer bop similar to what WINNER is known for.

2. SHINee – I Want You

“I Want You” by SHINee has their signature EDM and exciting vibe.

Despite the song feeling like it deserves to be played in every party, it actually talks about a boy desperate to get back with his ex.

3. VIXX – Love Equation

Like with WINNER’s “Ah Yeah,” VIXX’s “Love Equation” comeback was a total contradiction. Bright smiles everywhere, cute dance moves, and an energetic melody made it appear like a bright song.

The actual lyrics are about a guy going through a breakup, sadly, as it goes: “The night’s loneliness…/what kind of equation is this?”

4. PENTAGON – Shine

The ultra-popular song of PENTAGON was loved by fellow idols and viewers alike for its fresh chorus and dance.

Surprisingly, the lyrics don’t match its energy with how self-deprecating it is. The character in the song keeps calling himself a fool who loves someone despite it being one-sided.

5. Day6 – Congratulations

Whether you listen to the Korean or English version of “Congratulations”, you’ll still end up feeling weirdly melancholic.

The song has an upbeat chorus but a sad set of lyrics. Instead of congratulating the muse for a truly happy moment, Day6 is mocking her for moving on so easily.

6. TXT – Run Away

TXT‘s “Run Away” has a fairy tale vibe that makes it sound like it should be a Disney OST.

Don’t be fooled by its “bbibbity bbobbity” lyrics, however, as the narrator is actually begging his muse to “please be my eternity/please call my name/run away with me.”

7. H.O.T. – Candy

And finally, one of K-Pop’s most iconic songs, “Candy” by H.O.T., actually has the theme of breakup.

“To be honest with you/…I need some space/I’m going to leave you”. Who knew that “Candy” is actually about an unsatisfied boyfriend who compares other girls to his girlfriend?