Here Are All 7 ENHYPEN Members With Their Adorable Pokémon Doppelgangers

Gotta catch ’em all!

Pokémon is one of the most popular cartoon and video game franchises in the world, and even the ENHYPEN members are fans! Just take a look at the Ditto on Sunoo’s phone case:

| ENHYPEN/Twitter

So, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of which one each group member would be if they were magically transported into the world of Pokémon:

1. Ni-Ki – Pikachu

With his expressive personality, there’s no doubt that Ni-Ki would be a Pikachu. Not only does he shock everyone with his powerful moves on the dance floor, but he would also be the perfect partner to take on an adventure!


2. Sunoo – Jigglypuff

Sunoo and Jigglypuff are cute as a button, and their smiles can light up any room they walk into. Plus, they’re the textbook definition of classy yet sassy off stage!

| ENHYPEN/Twitter

3. Jake – Growlithe

Jake‘s kind nature and warm heart makes him a perfect match for everyone’s favorite fire dog, Growlithe. They’re both extremely loyal to those they care about and would probably give the greatest hugs!

| ENHYPEN/Twitter

4. Heeseung – Wooloo

As someone with such a soft and gentle soul, Heeseung could easily pass for Wooloo, the fluffiest cloud sheep there is! Wooloo are known to travel in packs with others they’re close to, just like how Heeseung shares a close bond with the ENHYPEN members!

Heeseung in “I-LAND” | Mnet

5. Jay – Zorua

With a bit of a more mysteriously charming aura, Jay and Zorua are definitely fan-favorites for a reason. But despite their more serious demeanor, both of them are always down to have some fun!


6. Jungwon – Eevee

ENHYPEN’s leader Jungwon needs to be a Pokémon that’s as iconic as he is, so Eevee was an obvious choice. These two are the unbeatable combo of cute and tough, which is why so many people love them!

| ENHYPEN/Twitter

7. Sunghoon – Piplup

Sunghoon has been referred to as ENHYPEN’s ice prince for his amazing skating abilities, but also endearingly as their sweet little penguin! Plus, just look how irresistible he looks next to Piplup!

| ENHYPEN/Twitter

Which ENHYPEN/Pokémon duo is your favorite?