These Are The 7 Fashion Trends BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Influencing In Korea This Spring

She’s a fashion and beauty icon in South Korea.

The spring-summer season in here, and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has already been making waves across South Korea. Here are 7 of the beauty and fashion trends that Korean editors have named her an influencer in.

1. Cropped cardigans

Cropped cardigans are one of the hottest pieces right now, especially given how they’re perfect for the changing weather. Idols from all the top girl groups have been seen wearing them, including Jisoo.

Style M reported on this casual yet chic gray cropped cardigan that Jisoo wore recently.

2. Wet-look lipstick

This season, one of the major makeup trends South Koreans are into is wet-look lipstick. Everyone wants moist, glowing lips, and according to Style Ade, that’s partly down to idols like Jisoo.

Jisoo looks perfect here in dewy, pale pink lipgloss with equally lustrous eyeshadow. Heize and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are also helping to set this trend right now.

3. Socks and sneakers

Comfortable footwear is in this season, which means sneakers are the footwear of choice. One of the sneaker styles Jisoo is popularizing is the socks-and-sneakers look.

Here, she wore ankle socks and sneakers with shorts, which really draws attention to her amazing legs.

4. Miniskirts and loafers

According to Style M, another shoe pairing Jisoo has been inspiring is loafers paired with miniskirts. BLACKPINK’s Lisa has tried out this trend too.

At the airport, Jisoo wore a Burberry miniskirt and matching beige top with black loafers and short black socks. The result is a preppy and neat look that’s still comfortable.

5. Puffy sleeves

Where formalwear is concerned, the go-to style for many women this season will be puffy-sleeved dresses. One of the most memorable celebrity instances of this trend was from Jisoo.

According to Money Today, Jisoo’s dress shows how puffy sleeves should be worn with a tight waistline to attract attention to all the right places.

6. Floral dresses

A lot of K-Pop idols have been wearing floral dresses recently (including Jennie and Red Velvet’s Seulgi), but ALLETS reports that Jisoo has inspired a different side of the style.

Most of the popular spring floral dresses right now are light, airy, and casual. But in the BLACKPINK Welcoming Collection shoot, Jisoo wore this more formal Zimmerman dress with a luxurious floral print. Graphy noted how her hairbow here is also trendy right now.

7. Colorful earrings

For the fresh spring-summer season, what could be better than bright colors? According to Harper’s Bazaar and FASHIONADE, everyone is looking to Jisoo for colorful jewelry inspiration.

These fun, red cherry earrings are just one example of how style enthusiasts can break free from traditional gold and silver.