7 Female Celebrities Koreans Wish They Could Spend Christmas With

You may want to spend the holidays with more than a few of them.

A survey was conducted using a pool of over a thousand average Korean citizens to discover which celebrities they wanted to spend the Christmas holidays with. Here are the seven female Korean celebrities that received the most votes.

7. Park Min Young

With a smile as warm as actress Park Min Young’s, she would definitely be someone that would light up the holidays.

6. Park Bo Young

Actress Park Bo Young gives off such warm vibes that anyone would be lucky to spend a day with her by their side.

5. Kim Hye Soo

Even though actress Kim Hye Soo is over fifty years old, she’s aged gracefully and would make it a Christmas to remember.

4. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

With her many charms and warm personality, BLACKPINK’s Jennie would make the holidays even better.

3. Suzy

With her titles of “Nation’s Sweetheart” and “Nation’s First Love,” idol-turned-actress Suzy easily took in 14.2% of the votes to take third place.

2. Han Ji Min

Taking the crown for second place, the stunning actress Han Ji Min earned 30.3% of the votes to become one of the top picks for a Christmas companion.

1. IU

The number one spot belonged to no one other than the “Nation’s Little Sister” IU, earning 38.1% of the votes. Who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with the lovely IU?

Source: Naver