7 Female Celebrities That Will Make You Want To Grab A Scissor And Chop Off Your Hair Right Now

Koreans are struck with a severe case of “Danbal-byung”, a term for the sudden desire for a haircut, because of these celebrities who look great with short hairstyles that is…

1. Jung Yu Mi

Actress Jung Yu Mi returns to her signature bob hairstyle, after appearing on Youn’s Kitchen with long hair. She looks like spring!


2. TWICE Momo

TWICE member Momo showed off her new haircut at a fan meeting. Momo has pulled off so many hairstyles, but fans are absolutely amazed with this black bob.


3. Seo Yea Ji

Actress Seo Yea Ji went for a short hairstyle for a new role in a TV program. She uploaded her new look on her Instagram and said this is the first time to go this short in 13 years! Fans are in love with how the new do makes her look younger.


4. IU

IU‘s signature look has made countless fans visit the salon. She looks great in all kinds of hairstyles, but this short cut is considered her best among fans.


5. GFRIEND Eunha

When GFRIEND member Eunha cut her hair short, it literally drove her fans crazy for her new style. Eunha shared in an interview that she likes keeping her hair short and recommends it to other members too!


6. Go Joon Hee

Actress Go Joon Hee‘s bob style is one of the first of its line to have convinced many Korean women to try chopping off all their hair. Her popularity tripled immediately after she tried out this new haircut. She is now very well-known and beloved for her classy hair do.


7. Girl’s Day Hyeri

Girl’s Day member Hyeri also went from long hair to short hair, while promoting for a new album. Since then, she has been keeping this look a favorite. When she appeared in Reply 1988 as character Deokseon, fans adored her old-school bob cut too.


Source: Insight, 1boon, Insight and Insight