7 Foolproof Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying According To Koreans

Koreans say these 7 signs are proof that someone is lying to you.

1. Their words and body language are different from each other. Seeing someone laugh excitedly for no reason or suddenly giving you a handshake while talking is a sign of something being off.


2. If they continue to emphasize things, it’s likely to be false. If someone says “By the way, honestly, there were no drugs and not much alcohol at yesterday’s party,” you’re less inclined to believe them.


3. Intentionally pointing out and putting a distance between the other individual involved. The most famous case of this is Bill Clinton’s scandal with Monica Lewinsky, who said “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”


4. Liars will smile unconsciously. They won’t realize they are. The reason for this is they find pleasure in deceiving others. It’s not always a sign of lying, but if they are smiling during a situation they probably shouldn’t be, it’s a possibility they are.


5. If you seem like you’re hiding something based on your posture, there is a chance you’re lying. Folding or twisting your arms, sitting down with a thud, or looking down at the floor during a conversation are all signs of a potential lie being told.


6. Repeatedly asking questions. Liars ask questions so they can have more time to create a more believable lie. If they continue to ask questions as if they are a parrot, they’re more likely to be lying. Especially if you wait to give a correct answer.


7. Asymmetric gestures and actions can be a sign for lying. Things such as smiling or scowling with just one side of your mouth, or shrugging a shoulder usually mean someone’s hiding something.


Source: 1boon