7 Former “Produce 101” Contestants That Are Now Killing It as Actors

They already claimed success through Wanna One or I.O.I, and they are now killing it in the acting scene.

Among the many idols that debuted through Produce 101, there are quite a few actors who are making a name for themselves in the Korean film and drama industry.

Here are 7 stars that first took off with Wanna One or I.O.I. of Produce 101, but are now killing it as talented actors:

1. Ong Seongwu (Wanna One)

Ong Seongwu, who used to be a part of the group, Wanna One, is debuted as an actor through JTBC’s At Eighteen.

In the drama, Ong Seongwu played a character named Choi Joon Woo who is lonely but strong soul, and was a lot of anticipation for what kind of romance he’ll portray with co-star, Kim Hyang Gi. Safe to say, he lived up to those expectations, and is now receiving offers for various dramas and movies.

2. Jung Chaeyeon (I.O.I)

Following Jung Chaeyeon‘s performance in tvN’s 2016 drama, Drinking Solo, she received overwhelming praise for her acting ability.

As a result, Jung Chaeyeon scored her first main lead character in Netflix’s My First First Love, but has yet to make a comeback drama after this.

3. Park Jihoon (Wanna One)

Park Jihoon debuted as a solo artist in March 2019 and made his drama comeback through JTBC’s Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. Many fans are still shocked to learn he was a child actor! He is currently starring in Love Revolution.

As someone who drew overwhelming attention for his cute charms when he was with Wanna One, there’s a lot of anticipation for what kind of charms he’ll give off as an actor.

4. Kim Sejeong – (I.O.I)

Kim Sejeong is a former Produce 101 contestant who is now very respected as an actress. Kim Sejeong started off her acting career by scoring the main lead character in the KBS drama, School 2017, and she did such a good job portraying the personality of her high-spirited character that she received a lot of love and praise from viewers.

Fans are in for another treat as she is slated to star in The Uncanny Counter, which just aired its first episode this past weekend.

5. Lee Daehwi (Wanna One)

Lee Daehwi, who is currently active as a member of AB6IX, debuted as an actor through the web drama, Yeonnamdong Global House. While this was his first drama role, he excelled at his role and fans are looking forward to what he may have in store in the future.

6. Kang Mina (I.O.I)

Gugudan‘s Kang Mina has also debuted as an actress with a role in tvN’s Hotel Del Luna, which also stars IU and Yeo Jin Goo. Following Hotel Del Luna, she will be reuniting with fellow I.O.I member Lim Nayoung in Summer Guys, which has yet to be released.

7. Lim Nayoung (I.O.I)

Following her time with I.O.I and PRISTIN, Lim Nayoung decided to take the actress route, transitioning to Sublime Artist Agency and making her debut as an actress shortly after in Flower of Evil. She currently has two dramas waiting to be aired in Summer Guys and Romance Hacker.