Here Are 7 Fourth Generation Artists Known As Self-Producing Idols

There is so much talent!

Although K-Pop agencies in the industry are known for their influence over artists’ image and music, many are now starting to allow their idols more input into the material they are releasing.

In particular, there has been more of a spotlight shone on idols from fourth-generation groups who have taken a more prominent role in the production of songs.

From creating lyrics, making arrangements, and editing the final tracks, here are seven artists from fourth-generation groups who are seen as self-producing idols!

1. Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

In reality, all of the members of Stray Kids’ 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Chang Bin, and Han) could be included on this list. Yet, leader Bang Chan ranks the highest of the members on the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) top 100 most copyrighted artists for a reason.

Since the group’s debut in 2017, Bang Chan has been heavily involved in creating material such as “GLOW” and “Entrance.” Last year, he also uploaded his song, “I Don’t Want To Admit” (literal title), that he wrote, composed, and produced!

2. Ravn (ONEUS)

ONEUS’s oldest member Ravn plays a huge part in his group’s music writing process, and it is rare not to see his name on the writing credits. Alongside fellow rapper Leedo, Ravn writes all of his own lyrics and more broadly on ONEUS songs, including “DIZZY” and “HERO.”

He has also been involved in tracks for other artists, including Snuper‘s “UNIVERSE.” Like many artists on this list, Ravn also has his own SoundCloud. On this platform, he posts many tracks that haven’t been released.

3. Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Leader Soyeon is known as the driving force behind helping (G)I-DLE be seen as a self-produced group. In an interview with MTV, Soyeon explained that she never intended to be the group’s primary songwriter.

Yet, it is hard to deny her this role! Soyeon was involved in writing their tracks “LATATA” and “Senorita,” alongside penning tracks for artists like CLC and SHINee‘s Key. With all of these tracks, she is also the only fourth-generation female K-Pop artist to be in the top 100 most copyrighted K-Pop stars, according to KOMCA.

4. CyA (ONEWE)

At the age of just 21, ONEWE’s CyA has already got his name on a long list of songs that he helped compose and write lyrics for. Within the ONEWE discography, his name constantly appears in the credits within each album. Alongside all the other members, he is heavily involved in the group’s music.

He also produced tracks for their brother group ONEUS including “CRAZY & CRAZY,” which he features on with Ravn and Leedo (ONEUS) and “Dizzy.” He also posts his own tracks on SoundCloud and recently participated in a song called “Photosynthesis” with Sunwoo from THE BOYZ.

5. Hongjoong (ATEEZ)

Since the age of 16, ATEEZ’s Hongjoong has been writing songs. Unlike many other trainees, he actually missed out on auditioning for KQ Entertainment and was contacted after sending them a mixtape of his own music.

Even before debuting, Hongjoong was known to record demos for the group. In the first albums, he participated in the tracks “Aurora” and “Good Lil Boy.” More recently, he was involved in the writing, composing, and production of their latest track, “Celebrate,” from their new album Zero: Fever Part.2.

6. Lee Daehwi (AB6IX)

Although all AB6IX members participate in music production, Daehwi is known as the team’s main producer. Within the group, he has credits in their songs “Breathe,” “Salute,” alongside his solo track “Rose, Scent, Kiss.”

On top of all of that, he has also written for other artists and has credits on IZ*ONE‘s “Airplane,” MXM‘s “Dawn,” and Park Ji-hoon‘s “Young 20.” Even though he is only 20, he has already made his way onto the top 100 most copyrighted K-Pop stars, according to KOMCA.

7. Jang Daehyeon (WEi)

WEi might have only debuted last year, but they are already making waves in the music business, with their debut song “Twilight” gaining five million views in a day! Since their debut, leader Daehyeon has made a strong impression with his diversity.

Not only did he participate in writing the lyrics for “Twilight” but also “Timeless” and “Hug You.” He also participated in composing, arranging, and producing the track “Fuze.”