7 Funniest Moments That Show How Each BTS Member Really Acts Like When He’s Drunk

This BTS member is like your friend who randomly speaks English when drunk.

BTS is a fun-loving group who’s not afraid to let their true selves be shown on camera — even with an alcohol in hand!

Want to know which BTS member is similar to you when they already have a bit of alcohol in their system?

Here are the funniest moments that show what type of drunk each BTS member is.

1. J-Hope gets hyper at first

Maybe he’ll even sing?

And then he gets a bit touchy with himself…

…and finally, he crashes and just stares into space.

“Why am I here? What am I doing? Who am I?”

2. Jungkook is the giggly drunk whose hands are all over the place

It’s moments like this that make you realize Jungkook isn’t really as old as he seems.

3. Jin? Definitely an overconfident drunk

It’s a good thing he didn’t ask Jimin to do arm-wrestling with him, right?

He’s not drunk — he can still enter the password to their house (after asking the staff), okay?

4. RM just starts dropping English words everywhere

Tag your friend who randomly starts speaking in English when they’re drunk.

Or he may even have his own concert!

5. Is that a baby looking for his mother?

No, it’s just drunk Jimin calling Suga to come to him.

6. Suga lets out his wild, fun-loving side

Here comes the dancing machine!

Even their maknae thinks he’s super cute when he’s drunk.

7. And Taehyung? He’s drunk-texting and having a mini-stroke

He can also be clumsy at times.

At the end of the day, though, his heart is still filled with his love for ARMYs.