7 Girl Groups Who Had A “Wedding Dress” Comeback Concept

They absolutely crushed this concept!

As K-Pop grows into a world-wide phenomenon, fans from all over the world are attracted by the catchy music, visual-packed punches and wild concepts that draw them well into an aesthetic world. For all the different concepts in K-Pop that entice fans from all over the world, here are 7 girl groups that tried on the wedding dress concept, and absolutely crushed it!


1) Red Velvet

For their most recent comeback with their repackaged album The ReVe Festival: Finale and title track “Psycho”, Red Velvet took their signature creepy concept up a notch by adding the element of wedding dresses!

In a garden with statues, each of the girls look creepily good in their white dresses that spell terror (beautiful terror, but still)!






For their latest Korean comeback before members Hani and Junghwa parted ways with their agency Banana Culture Entertainment, the quintet came back with album WE and title track “Me & You”.

In this particular comeback, the members dressed up in wedding dresses, but spiced it up with the edgy looks and moves that EXID is known for!







3) Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation have sported white wedding dresses on multiple occasions! They’ve worn them for events, photo shoots, album concepts and CFs as well!

Looking gorgeous as always, the queens of K-Pop donned wedding dresses for their 2011 comeback , The Boys! In the teaser photos for their comeback, the girls dressed up in a myriad of different outfits, and one of the outfits that fans were lucky enough to see them in were beautiful white wedding dresses!






Before APINK debuted, they participated in a reality show titled APINK NEWS, which chronicled their debut process and was hosted by a bunch of different celebrities, including BEAST, 4MINUTE, and more!

As part of the reality show, the girls took part in a photo shoot, where they dressed up in the cutest wedding dresses! While the photo shoot itself was absolutely hilarious due to their silly antics, the girls turned out looking like the most beautiful brides after the shoot was over!





5) Girl’s Day

In 2015, Girl’s Day released their second full-length album, titled Love, and title track “Ring My Bell”. For the purpose of this comeback, the teaser pictures released featured the girls in long, flowing wedding dresses, and this image of them in gorgeous white dresses was also used as their album cover!

They also wore wedding dresses for a photo shoot with bnt International, and absolutely crushed it!






In May of 2013, the gorgeous women of DAVICHII dressed up in wedding dresses made from all sorts of materials for a photo shoot with K-WAV” magazine. The girls, glowing and smiling in their white dresses, made the summer month of May even more beautiful with this gorgeous pictorial!






In a 2016 photo shoot for Lotte Duty Free, TWICE members Nayeon, Momo and Tzuyu donned wedding dresses, and received immense praise for how stunning they looked! As a rookie group, they looked especially fresh-faced and lovely as young brides in the shoot, which made their visuals stand out even more!




The remaining members of TWICE also wore wedding dresses in the official photos of their TWICE Second Tour: TWICELAND Zone 2- Fantasy Park.




Bonus: IU

At the 2017 Melon Music Awards, IU stunned crowds of fans and fellow artists when she walked up the stage to perform in a beautiful white, sequinned wedding dress that shimmered and shined every time she moved!

One of her most iconic looks, fans everywhere still remember her looking gorgeous in that dress!






They’d all make such beautiful brides one day!