7 Heartbreaking Reactions From ARMYs Who Missed BTS Jimin’s Live That Are Too Relatable

Thank goodness for the replay!

BTS‘s Jimin always keeps his promises, and he recently went live just like he promised a few days ago on Weverse!

BTS’s Jimin | @jimintical/Twitter

Although Jimin shared his intentions to go live, ARMYs still missed his live broadcast and are heartbroken.

Here are 7 ARMY reactions that anyone who’s ever missed a BTS live can relate to!

1. This ARMY who perfectly summed up the feeling of waking up and realizing you missed the live you’ve been waiting for

2. This ARMY who knows a missed live=feeling grumpy all day long

3. This ARMY who is still in denial

4. This ARMY who knows life goes on but is understandably sad about missing Jimin’s live broadcast

5. This ARMY who knows Jimin>sleep

6. This ARMY who planned their day around Jimin’s live but still missed it

7. This ARMY who had a meeting and had to miss the live