7 Heartbreaking Things You Don’t Know About Sana, That’ll Make You Cry

Sana isn’t just a smiling machine – she has hard times too.

Sana is known as the cheerful member of TWICE; she’s always smiling and has a bright personality. She always sees the positive side of things and never gives up – but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had hardships. Her perseverance in the face of professional setbacks and her love and devotion to her family makes these facts even more heartbreaking!


1. Sana moved to Korea by herself when she was 15

Sana first came to Korea as a trainee in 2012 when she was in middle school after being cast on the street. Her parents weren’t sure about allowing her to quit school and sending her overseas by herself to pursue an entertainment career, but she insisted it was her dream and trained for two years before her first big opportunity. When a member of the soon-to-debut group SIXMIX dropped out, she was chosen as a replacement. Along with Nayeon and Momo, Sana was working towards debuting in 2014 but other members withdrew so it was cancelled. She was forced to wait a year to participate in SIXTEEN.


2. Sana grew up under immense pressure to look her best and beats herself up constantly over it

Being a trainee from a young age and now being in the public eye as a member of TWICE, Sana feels a lot of pressure to look her best and be at the top of her game. The first thing she thinks in the morning is “let’s see how puffy my face looks today“. She doesn’t have all the confidence in the world even though she’s seen as one of the main visuals of TWICE!


3. She tries not to show it, but she really misses her family

During TWICE’s Fantasy Park concert earlier this month, Sana got emotional because her family was in the audience. She tried to hide her tears by turning away but you can hear how much she loves and misses her family, and ONCEs!


4. She tries hard to be happy on the outside and the inside

It’s well known that Sana is the brightest and happiest member of TWICE – the other members have even said she is the one always smiling and laughing. But it’s a constant effort to be happy all the time and she admitted that although it’s her personality to be cheerful, it isn’t always easy to be.

Especially when she was on SIXTEEN and a member of the minor B team, she was exhausted and her cheerful personality vanished when the other team members (besides Tzuyu) didn’t turn up to practice. She said in an interview that when she’s sad, she goes by herself to stare at the stars, although it’s a bit difficult to see them in Seoul.


5. Sana is sad when her friends are sad

When Momo was eliminated from SIXTEEN, Sana was emotional because she lost her best friend, but she was even more upset at the thought of Momo’s heartache.


6. She got a cold and couldn’t sing… but just felt guilty

Right after TWICE’s debut, Sana caught a cold and couldn’t sing because her voice was gone. She felt so bad for the fans that she burst out crying and the rest of the members rushed to comfort her.


7. She can’t believe how much love she receives

In 2016, at a fan sign event, Sana became overwhelmed because of the love she received from fans. She was so touched that she started crying and again tried to hide her tears from the crowd.

Source: Chosun and Instiz