7 Historical K-Drama OSTs That Will Serenade You Back In Time

Some of these are enough to make you cry.

OSTs in K-Dramas are the very things that make them great. Although subtle, a soundtrack can bring us into the moment with our characters and enhance the scene’s emotions. OSTs, especially, are perhaps the most important part of a historical series (as these tend to have some of the most intense moments).

Historical OSTs are also some of the most overlooked, as they often are more serious and/or instrumental. Here’s your call to give them a chance! These OSTs aren’t just to be enjoyed in the show; let’s enjoy them elsewhere too! Here are just 7 amazing tracks to help you get started.

1. AKMU’s “Be With You” (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

This brother-sister duo brings a sweet and bright rhythm to an otherwise intense show. The song explores how love and feelings grow and how it’s hard to know what to do with them. Therefore, making it the perfect drama soundtrack for these characters as they live with unsure but happy feelings.

2. Jang Jae In’s “Secret Paradise” (The Scholar Who Walks the Night)

Jang Jae In brings a unique sound to the historical genre by combining her distinctive voice and a quirky beat. This piece discusses how hard it can be to love someone when the future is unsure.

3. Bobbalgan4’s “Dream” (Hwarang)

This duo (now solo) sings about a love that is wanting, a love that is a “dream.” A painful love that can never be but can never be forgotten. Perfect for a love triangle, wouldn’t you say?

4. O3ohn’s “Shine Your Star” (Mr. Sunshine)

Surprisingly, this song is entirely in English! This song is for the people that feel like sunshine. The people that can guide you when life gets hard. A love that can light up your life.

5. SF9’s Jaeyoon’s “Dear My Love” (My Only Love Song)

Jaeyoon got a solo just for this song and absolutely killed it. It’s a heartfelt melody that will have you looking out the window in tears while it’s raining. It’s about the difficulty of leaving someone, even if it’s for the best.

6. B1A4’s Sandeul’s “Lingering Inside Me” (The Tale of Nokdu)

Sandeul always seems to add something special to the OSTs he’s a part of. He sings about a love that lingers on your brain. One that you can’t help but wonder if the other person feels the same.

7. Monday Kiz’s “Shadow” (The Moon Embraces the Sun)

To finish us off, a classic song from a classic drama! Monday Kiz reflects on how both life and love can make you feel like a shadow in the world. It is a song that enhances the immense hardships each character goes through.

Which historical OST is your favorite?

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