7 Iconic K-Pop Songs Redditors Want Other K-Pop Idols To Cover

These would all be legendary covers!

K-Pop idols love covering other idols’ songs just as much as we love watching them do it! Whether they’re performing covers on award shows, music shows, or on social media, idols often nail their covers of other musicians’ songs.

Here are 7 covers K-Pop fans on Reddit would love to see!

1. BTS covering “If You Do” (GOT7)

BTS would definitely pull off the moody, emotional vibe and complex choreography for this GOT7 hit!


A TXT cover of BLACKPINK‘s history-making song would definitely go down in history as a truly epic cover! We’d love to see TXT’s version of the iconic “DDU-DU DDU-DU” choreography.

3. TWICE covering “I Need U” (BTS)

TWICE‘s cover of “I Need U” would be incredible! Their voices would really suit this emotional BTS song.

Mina and Nayeon once sang some of “I Need U” while Momo danced during a fansign, and we know a full cover would be even more amazing!

4. GOT7 covering “Loveshot” (EXO)

Picture it with us: GOT7 covering this sexy EXO song. Someone make it happen!

5. NCT DREAM covering “Wannabe” (ITZY)

NCT DREAM‘s cover of ITZY‘s “Wannabe” would definitely be top-tier! We’d love to see this NCT unit pull off the famous shoulder move from the “Wannabe” choreography!

6. Sunmi covering “Psycho” (Red Velvet)

Sunmi nails every concept she tries, and we know she would perfectly convey the dark, moody vibes of this Red Velvet song!

7. BLACKPINK covering “Hip” (MAMAMOO)

BLACKPINK’s voices and killer dance moves would definitely shine during a cover of MAMAMOO‘s “Hip!” We’d love to hear how Jennie and Lisa would interpret Moonbyul’s rap, too!


Source: Image (1) and (2) and Reddit