7 Iconic Signature Catch Phrases K-Pop Idols Use In Their Songs

They are the catchphrases everyone knows about!

Some K-Pop idols make sure everyone knows whose song it is by singing a signature phrase as part of the song lyrics making the song their own. Here are 7 iconic catch phrases K-Pop idols use in their song!

1. “SHINee’s back!”

SHINee opens their hit track “Sherlock” with a phrase that can make any fan scream! “SHINee’s back!” will forever be an iconic line!

2. “SEVENTEEN right here!”

In SEVENTEEN‘s song, “CLAP” group leader S.Coups screams “SEVENTEEN Right Here” at the beginning of the song.

3. “NCT in the house!”

For the group’s Empathy album., where all NCT sub units came together for one album, there is a line that goes “NCT in the house!” at the start of  “Black on Black” where all members participate.

4. “BLACKPINK in your area!”

Perhaps the most iconic catchphrase of them all, BLACKPINK‘s “BLACKPINK in your area” is a signature line every BLINK knows byheart. They sing this in multiple songs such as “As If It’s Your Last,” “BOOMBAYAH,” and “Kill This Love.”

5. “E-X-O”

“E-X-O” is a signature line they mentioned in “Growl” and it made the song even more interesting because it was them adding their mark on the song.

6. “TWICE!”

TWICE screams out their group name in one of their hit songs, “Likey” where they scream it all together at the beginning of the song!

7. “J-Y-P”

JYP, or Park Jinyoung, uses his name’s initials and sings it in songs he produces! Not only can we hear it in his own songs, but in other songs he writes as well, such as I.O.I’s “Very Very Very.”