7 Idol Sibling Pairs That Were Signed Under The Same Entertainment Company

These siblings promoted as idols together!

A lot of K-Pop idols have equally famous siblings that promote in different groups, but what’s a rare feat is to have two siblings signed under the same company! Here are 7 sibling pairs that were signed under the same company, and promoted together as idols!

1. Jessica Jung and f(x)’s Krystal- SM Entertainment

Perhaps the most famous on this list, the Jung sisters were both well-known as a top sibling pair in K-Pop! Jessica and Krystal were both recruited together and signed under SM Entertainment; Jessica subsequently made her debut as a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007, while Krystal made her debut two years later in 2009 as a member of f(x).

Jessica Jung is now signed under Coridel Entertainment, while Krystal remains signed under SM Entertainment.


2. IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon and ITZY’s Chaeryeong- JYP Entertainment


IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon and ITZY‘s Chaeryeong are another sister pair that were signed to the same company! The sisters were signed under JYP Entertainment, where they also competed on SIXTEEN, the survival show that formed TWICE.


After they both failed to make the cut, Chaeyeon eventually left JYP Entertainment to join WM Entertainment, and became a participant on Produce 48, making her debut with IZ*ONE in 2018. Chaeryeong, on the other hand, stayed with JYPE, eventually making her debut as a member of ITZY in 2019!


3. OneUs’s Xion and OneWe’s Dongmyeong- RBW Entertainment

While the pair of twin brothers are under the same entertainment company now, they initially started out under different companies! OneWe‘s Dongmyeong initially debuted in 2015 as a member of MAS 0094 under Modern Music Entertainment. The entire group ended up moving to RBW Entertainment in 2017, and rebranded first simply as MAS, and then as OneWe in 2019.

OneUs‘s Xion, on the other hand, was a trainee under RBW Entertainment, and subsequently made his debut with OneUs in 2019!


4. Boyfriend’s Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin- Starship Entertainment

When Boyfriend debuted in 2011, they gained attention for their two visual members being twin brothers that were signed under the same company! Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin are identical twin brothers, who were not only signed under Starship Entertainment together, but also ended up debuting in the same group!


5. Hyoyoung and Hwayoung- MBK Entertainment

Former T-ARA member Hwayoung and former F-VE Dolls member Hyoyoung were both signed under MBK Entertainment. The twin sisters made their respective debuts one year apart from each other, and are currently promoting as actresses in Korea.


6. INFINITE’S Seungyeol and Golden Child’s Daeyeol- Woollim Entertainment

INFINITE‘s Seungyeol and Golden Child‘s Daeyeol are another pair of brothers signed under the same company! The brothers were signed under Woollim Entertainment; Seungyeol made his debut as a member of INFINITE in 2010, while his brother Daeyeol (2 years younger than him) made his debut as the leader of Golden Child in 2017!


7. Crayon Pop’s Choa and Way- Chrome Entertainment

Crayon Pop‘s Choa and Way are twin sisters, both signed under Chrome Entertainment! The sisters not only made their debut under the same agency, but also in the same group in 2012!