These 7 Idols And Celebrities Will Be Hosting This Year’s Idol Star Athletic Championships

It’s going to be an entertaining year with these people at the helm.

The annual Chuseok Idol Star Athletic Championships are almost upon us and MBC have revealed which celebrities and idols will be hosting this year’s event.

The presenters are split into three different groups, the main MCs who will be hosting the show, the floor MCs who will be conducting interviews and reporting from the floor and the special MCs who will be hosting the mini-games that occur between official competition.

1. Jun Hyun Moo (Main MC)

2. Leeteuk (Main MC)

3. Dahyun (Main MC)

4. Haechan (Floor MC)

5. JooE (Floor MC)

6. Seunghee (Special MC)

7. Soobin (Special MC)

The Idol Star Athletic Championships is scheduled to begin during the second week of September.