7 Idols Who Continue To Suffer From Serious Permanent Injuries

Some of these idols are lucky to be alive!

1. Super Junior’s Heechul

13 years ago, Heechul was in a car accident and his left leg was severely damaged.


Because of this, he had to go through a lot of rehabilitation. Even to this day, he has reported he still feels the pain.

Not only that, but he struggles with dancing.


Heechul actually feels the most sorry towards his fans and fellow members.

During Super Junior’s comeback, he wrote a message to his fans explaining his situation and apologizing for his lack of confidence when it came to his dancing.


2. INFINITE’s Woohyun

The Idol Star Athletic Championships can be pretty harsh. INFINITE’s Woohyun was left with a lasting reminder of how hard these games can be.


During the 2014 games, Woohyun received an injury while playing futsal. Woohyun is still receiving physical therapy and may lose full movement of his arm due to ripped cartilage in his left shoulder.


3. Lee Min Ho

In 2006, Lee Min Ho and Jun Il Woo were in a major car accident that left the driver and another passenger dead. Lee Min Ho suffered injuries that left him in the hospital for months.


His thigh and ankle bones suffered fractures while his cartilage in his knee was torn. He even needed to have a 46cm metal rod put into his thigh.

Because of his busy schedule, he was unable to receive enough treatment and still suffers the aftereffects of these injuries.


4. Jung Il Woo

While Lee Min Ho’s injuries were severe, Jung Il Woo’s injuries were considered much worse. He suffered a concussion, brain hemorrhage, and suffered partial amnesia.


Not only that but he had a broken wrist and pelvic bone. Like Lee Min Ho, he had to spend months in the hospital but still didn’t receive enough rehab.

Both Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho were exempted from active military duty are serving in public service instead.


5. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

Just one year after Heechul’s car accident, Kyuhyun was left with a grim diagnosis after Super Junior’s car was involved in a major in 2007.

Kyuhyun received the most damage from the accident.


He had a fractured hip, broken ribs, had scratches and bruises on his upper body, and one of his broken ribs pierced his lung. He also was in a coma for 4 days and was only given a 20% chance to live.

He managed to pull through but spent 6 days in the ICU and wasn’t able to walk for 1 month after the accident. He also had to sit out on all activities for 4 to 5 months because his injuries were so severe.


6. Royal Pirates’ James

In 2015, James was heading to a restaurant to meet up with a friend. When he opened the door, the steel frame crashed down on his wrist, shoulder, and head.


He lost consciousness and ended up in surgery for 8 hours to try and save his arm. His wrist was almost completely severed and he suffered severe nerve damage.

His arm was in such bad shape that doctors gave him the option to amputate it. He ended up turning down that option.

Since then he had to permanently quit the band and still undergoes surgery, hoping to regain more function in his left arm and hand.


7. Kim Jong Kook

When he was a child, Kim Jong Kook broke his legs. This led to a problem with a disc in his back.

He started exercising as a way to relieve his pain, but the problem just kept getting worse. He later developed problems with his pelvis and leg.


He even lost some pain receptors on the left side of his body. He has needed several surgeries and physical therapy, but still struggles with the pain.