7 K-Pop Idols Who Forgot Their Lyrics And Just Made Some Shit Up

Even the best make mistakes.

1. Red Velvet Seulgi

When you sing live with crazy mad choreography, sometimes you do mess up on lyrics. Look at Red Velvet Seulgi for example. During their “Rookie” promotions, Seulgi messed up a line during the 2nd verse. As she noticed it, she smiles so beautifully out of embarrassment, which makes everything okay in the end.


2. IU

The time IU forgot the lyrics to a song, she just shook her head and sang it again. Indeed this was a cute incident, and to give her a bit of break, she was not even singing her original song at the time. She was singing Lee Moon Sae‘s classic “An Old Love”.


3. Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young was on a live broadcast when he forgot the last sentence of his song, so he just winged it as best as he could, and had a nice V sign to cover his cute mistake.


4. Davichi

When you forget the lyrics to a song in a group, another member might be there to rescue. Look at Kang Minkyung. As she forgets the part of the lyrics, Lee Haeri comes into sing the verse instead of her. Great teamwork indeed!


5. Guckkasten Ha Hyun Woo

Guckkasten Ha Hyun Woo had many memorable performances in MBC King of Masked Singer, but when the mask is off, he too forgets his lyrics from time to time. Thankfully, he is a performance veteran, so he knows how to get through it smoothly.


6. Mamamoo Moonbyul

Mamamoo is known for their flawless performances, but they are human too. Moonbyul forgot the lyrics during her fan meeting, and instead of making things up, she just flat out rapped that “I forgot my lyrics”, making the audience howl.


7. Buzz Min Kyung Hoon

Although it is pretty rare for a singer to forget their lyrics, it happens to Buzz Min Kyung Hoon a lot more than others. He had four consecutive days where he forgot the lyrics of different songs in four different stages.

On May 4, 2006, he mixes up the lyrics in the first verse with the second verse


On May 5, he messed up on the word at the climax of the song

where on May 6, he just completely forgot that they were singing the re-arranged version and sang the original lyrics to it


And Finally, on May 7, he just created a word “SSAM JA” at the end of his song, which does not mean anything in Korean, earning him the nickname of SSAM JA God among the Korean Netizens.

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