7 Idols Who Massively Improved On A Certain Skill

They worked hard to be as good as they are now!

K-Pop idols commonly have positions for each members, which means that an idol need not be a main vocal if he’s already the main rapper. Regardless, there are some idols who have greatly improved in certain skills, to the point that their fans have noticed the difference.

This isn’t to say that they were lacking in talent beforehand, but they’ve certainly worked hard to reach their skill set right now. Without further ado, here are 7 idols who have massively improved their dancing, vocals, or rap!

1. SHINee’s Taemin – Vocals

Taemin debuted in SHINee in 2008 as their main dancer and sub-vocal. As the years passed, however, he proved that he could be the main vocal in their group, hitting high notes with ease! His solo songs prove just how multi-talented he is.

2. EXID’s Hyerin – Vocals

EXID‘s Hyerin was a sub-vocal who became main-vocal material when Solji took a break from the group. Her sweet voice definitely became stronger in their hit songs.

3. TWICE’s Jihyo – Dance

Jihyo is TWICE‘s main vocal who ONCEs now consider one of their best dancers. She seemed to lack confidence in her dance skills during Sixteen, but now she takes the center spot in some dance breaks.

4. MONSTA X’s I.M – Vocals

MONSTA X‘s I.M is one half of arguably the best rapline in K-Pop, with fellow member Joohoney. While he seldom sings in the group’s title tracks or B-sides, he has slowly been revealing his sweet voice to Monbebes, such as in the song “White Love.”

5. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo – Dance

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is known for her sweet voice and pretty visuals. Her dancing, though, continues to improve with each comeback to the delight of her fans.

6. BTS’s Jin – Vocals

Jin has always been a great singer, but ARMYs have recently noticed his newfound confidence in his vocal skills. He proves with each live performance just how stable his singing can be, even hitting high notes more often than in the past.

7. Stray Kids’ Lee Know – Rap

Finally, Stray Kids‘s Lee Know is the main dancer of the group. Like Taemin, he has slowly but surely shown off just how good he is in the vocal and rap department. Fans are proud to note that his rap lines are now a key point in every Stray Kids’ song.


Source: Reddit