Here’s 7 K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Very Good At Acting

They have talent in both music and acting!

It is common for K-Pop idols to take on acting after their singing debut and for some, they are very good at it. Some idols have even transferred over to the acting realm altogether. Here’s a list of several idols who are also quite amazing at acting too!

1. EXO’s D.O

EXO’s D.O (Do Kyungsoo) is a member and main vocalist of the group that has also done a fair share of acting. He made his acting debut in 2014 in the SBS drama It’s Okay, That’s Love. He continued to act throughout the years in various dramas and movies and later was awarded the Most Popular Actor award at the 55th Baeksang Art Awards.

2. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona started off as a member of the group and later began her acting career in 2007 with a small role in the MBC drama Two Outs in the Ninth Inning. She continued to take on various roles such as You Are My Destiny (2008) being her first leading role. She later won two Best New Actress awards the same year. Most recently, she played a role in the 2019 film Exit which became the highest-grossing film in Korea.

3. Apink’s Jung Eunji

Apink’s Jung Eunji made her acting debut with the drama Reply 1997 in 2012. This drama was one of the highest rated series on cable television. She continued to expand her acting experience through melodramas, film-turned-musicals, high school dramas, as well as horror. She won Best Performance at the 2nd APAN Star Awards with her role in the drama That Winter, the Wind Blows.

4. EXID’s Hani

EXID’s Hani debuted with the group in 2012 and became famous after a fan-taken video of their 2014 single “Up & Down” went viral. As of last May, Hani revealed that she would not be renewing her contract with Banana Culture. She then signed with a new agency and began her film debut with her real name Ahn Hee-Yeon. She landed her role in the web drama XX and was praised for her acting skills.

5. IU

Singer IU debuted at the age of fifteen in 2007. Her first acting role was in the teen drama Dream High that aired in 2010. She took on her first leading role in the drama You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin in 2013. In 2019, she made her film debut in the Netflix series Persona. That summer, she also starred in Hotel del Luna and recorded the highest ratings in its time slot throughout the duration of the show.

6. ZE:A’s Im Siwan

Im Siwan trained under “Children of Empire” for three years before debuting as ZE:A in 2010. He made his acting debut in 2012 with Moon Embracing the Sun. This drama hit over 40% in rating, starting his launch to fame. In 2013, he played the role of a young activist student in the film The Attorney and won Best New Actor at the Max Movie Awards. His role in the hit drama Misaeng: Incomplete Life was a huge hit and became a phenomenon in Korea. Most recently, he was cast for the thriller drama Hell is Other People.

7. B1A4’s Jinyoung

Jinyoung debuted under B1A4 in 2011 and later left the group in 2018. He made his acting debut in 2013 in the tvN drama She is Wow. His role in the KBS historical drama Love in the Moonlight in 2016 also helped increase his recognition as an actor. He continued his acting career and was praised in his roles in Mnet’s Perservere, Goo Hae-Ra and the 2019 film The Dude In Me. He also played a role in the Netflix drama My First First Love in 2018.

Are there any other idols that have pursued acting and are good at it? Let us know!