7 Idols Who Have Never Dreamed Of Becoming Anything Other Than Singers

These idols have always dreamed of becoming a singer and through their perseverance, they achieved their dream!

1. Tiffany

Tiffany from Girls’ Generation, who is now getting ready to debut in America, had always dreamed of becoming a singer which is what made her leave her home at the age of 16 despite her father’s opposition and come to Korea to achieve her dreams. She later confessed that she hadn’t spoken to her father in a long time after starting this job and that she was very sad that her relationship with her father became this way.


2. TWICE Jihyo

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Jihyo, who is the leader and main vocals of TWICE, spent 10 years and 4 months as a trainee! She said that she trained together with Miss A members and later watched them debut. She was originally set to debut as a girl group called Six Miss, but things didn’t turn out well and she wasn’t able to debut for a long time until she became a member of TWICE through the survival program Sixteen.


3. Infinite Sungkyu

Sungkyu moved to Seoul from Jeonju as soon as he graduated high school to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer. His life in Seoul consisted of living in a tiny studio and taking on multiple part-time jobs, one of which eventually led to his debut. While working at a cafe, he happened to tell one the customers that his dream was becoming a singer and that his favorite singer was Nell. That customer just so happened to be Nell’s manager, so Sungkyu received an opportunity to audition at the agency and debuted as part of Infinite!


4. 2PM Wooyoung

Wooyoung wanted to become a singer so bad that he applied for the audition that was choosing Wonder Girls members. He went to this audition that was choosing a girl group because he wanted to be a part of JYP, which he eventually succeeded in doing through the open audition!


5. Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi, who is the main dancer and lead vocals of Red Velvet, was an SM trainee for 7 years. Apparently, she became a trainee before most of the EXO members and entered SM around the same time as Kai, who had a longer period of training than the others. But thanks to her perseverance and hard work to pursue her dream, she has become an idol that has excellent vocal and dance skills!


6. BTS Suga

Suga received much opposition from his parents on pursuing his dreams of becoming a rapper because it could bring shame to the family. Despite strong opposition, Suga continued to pursue his dream and finally was accepted by his parents after his debut. Suga gave a deep bow and had an emotional moment when his mother attended his concert for the first time.


7. BIGBANG G-Dragon

G-Dragon loved to dance since he was little and his dance skills made him the center of attention wherever he performed. With these dance skills, he joined the Kids Roo’ra and later became a trainee at SM and continued this for 5 years. Then when he was 13, he joined YG Entertainment participating in the albums of other YG artists until his debut as the leader of BIGBANG. He featured in YG Family’s “Hip Hop Gentlemen” when he was just 13.

Source: id weekly, Tistory, Daily Life and Amino Apps