7 Idols You Never Knew Came From Famous Families

Talent runs in the family for these idols.

Sometimes talent runs in the blood, and for these idols the ability to sing, dance and perform on stage directly descended from their parents or grandparents, who were famous (or still are!) in their own right. It’s all in the genes!


1. Boram (Former T-ara member)

Being descended from a family of entertainers, Boram is a third-generation artist.


Her father is Jeon Yeong Rok, a popular singer from the 1980s and the son of famous singers Hwang Hae and Baek Sul Hee.


Her mother is Lee Mi Young, a well-known actress.


And to really prove performing runs in the family, her younger sister, Wooram, was the leader, lead vocalist and rapper of D-UNIT and later vocalist of rock band Five Run Strike.


2. Minzy (Former 2NE1 member)

Minzy‘s grandmother was one of the most well-known folk singers and dancers in South Korea, Gong Ok Jin, best known for creating the ‘hunchback dance’.


Grandma Gong definitely passed her best dancing traits down to her young granddaughter and before she passed away in 2012 Minzy spoke about their close relationship.


3. Yein (Melody Day)

Ahn Yein, the lead vocalist of Melody Day, got her vocal talent from both her parents, who are theatre and voice actors.


Her father, Ahn Ji Hwan, is a voice actor, television presenter, radio presenter, and actor known for his narration of popular shows like Animal Farm and voicing of Jack Sparrow in the dubbed version of Pirates of The Carribean.


4. Jeon Somi (Former I.O.I member)

Somi‘s Canadian-Dutch father Matthew Douma has had many job titles, including a professional model, national Taekwondo demonstration team leader and makeup artist, but he’s best known for his cameo appearance in the 2016 drama Descendants of the Sun.

He appears on variety shows often with his daughter.


5.  Hyunsik (BTOB)

BTOB’s lead vocalist Hyunsik is the son of legendary folk singer Im Ji Hoon.


The two have performed together and Hyungsik even covered one of his father’s hit songs on Knowing Bros.


Im Ji Hoon announced earlier this year that he would be releasing his 10th studio album, which will feature an original duet with his son!


6. UEE (Former After School member)

UEE‘s father Kim Sung Kap is a pro baseball coach for the Seoul-based South Korean professional baseball team Nexen Heroes. He features in reality shows as UEE often visits the team for lunch and the two have a strong bond.


7. MC Gree

Rapper, singer, actor and television personality Kim Dong Hyun, known by his stage name MC Gree, is the son of popular TV host Kim Gura.


Kim Gura (aka Kim Hyeon Dong) is a comedian and radio host, known for his role as MC of Radio Star.


He opened up about his relationship with his father on Knowing Bros, surprising the hosts when he said he rarely fought with his father – who is known for his offensive comments and humor on TV.

Source: Insight