7 Idols Who Are So Powerful, Anything They Touch Sells Out Instantly

Whether these idols model the product or personally use it, they have the influential power to sell out whatever item it may be!

1. EXO’s Kai

When EXO‘s Kai decided to model for the cover page of “The Big Issue”, the magazine broke its 2017 sales record and sold out the initial 15K copies. “The Big Issue” printed more copies, which also sold out rather quickly. Kai helped “The Big Issue” sell over 28K copies in total. “The Big Issue” is a magazine devoted to helping the Korean homeless population rebuild lives by offering magazine sales jobs to create income


2. G-Dragon

G-Dragon uploaded a picture of his worn out VANS sneakers, fashionistas around the world lost their minds. Fans flooded to the VANS offline and online stores to grab their own pairs of this classic old school skater shoes, “Style 36”. Since then, G-Dragon has sold out other VANS sneaker styles too, like the customized “Old Skool” and “Sk8-HI” designs. He can even make the most average items go viral.


3. Apink’s Naeun

When Adidas signed with Apink‘s Naeun to model the brand, fans screamed, “Finally!” That’s because Naeun has been Korea’s top Adidas leggings queen for a while now. Since a choreography video with Naeun dressed in the signature striped leggings went viral, it has been difficult to discuss Adidas without Naeun’s name being mentioned as well. Naeun looked so gorgeous in just a shirt and leggings that she sold out Adidas’s leggings even before she was their official model.


4. Wanna One’s Kang Daniel

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel was spotted at the airport one winter’s day, dressed in a light brown coat. Just his appearance alone sold out 6 production cycles. By the 7th production cycle, Kang Daniel officially became a model for the coat’s brand, LAP. In fact, the brand believes in Kang Daniel’s influential presence in fashion so much that LAP launched a separate streetwear line to better align with his style!


5. YoonA

When YoonA made a perfect waffle for breakfast on Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast, viewers tracked down every little detail they could about the magical waffle machine. In fact, after this specific episode was over, “waffle machine” ranked top on Korea’s most searched keywords list! The waffle machine, called the Vertical Waffle Maker by Cuisinart, sold out all over Korea when viewers placed orders in hopes of creating restaurant-quality waffles for their own breakfast tables.


6. Suzy

Even when a brand’s questionable design choices fail to impress a majority, with the right influential model, it can sell out. This happened to BEAN POLE’s new line-up of bags designed in cooperation with Kakao Friends. While the customers weren’t quite sure about the design, BEAN POLE sold out the particular line with brand model Suzy‘s help. Suzy also contributed greatly to the sell out of the brand’s “Bonnie” bags, which Suzy designed herself.


7. INFINITE’s Sungkyu

When INFINITE‘s Sungkyu held Innisfree’s “Creamy Tint Lipstick #14” in his hands, he did not know he would lead the cosmetic product to sell out among his female fans. After watching him apply the lipstick, fans immediately fell in love with the creamy texture of the product and the beautiful coral color on Sungkyu’s lips that they went on to purchase the item for themselves!

Source: 1BOON, Instiz and NATE PANN
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