7 Idols You Should Subscribe To On YouTube

Did you click the “Subscribe” button yet?

Several idols are sharing their life off stage with their fans through YouTube! Don’t worry if you’re Korean is a little rusty or non-existent even. The majority of idols on YouTube provide subtitles in several languages.




Here are seven K-Pop idols with successful YouTube careers:

1. MAMAMOO’s Solar (솔라시도 Solarsido)

MAMAMOO’s main vocalist Solar opened her YouTube channel just last year and already has a huge following.

Solar shares with her viewers fun content such as dying her own hair or doing ASMR mukbangs. Solar’s bubbly and bright personality captivates the hearts of her viewers as Solarsido is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. From her popularity, Solar received a Gold Play Button.

2. IU (이지금 IU)

IU’s takes her viewers through various events in her life from mundane things like online shopping to life on tour. IU also creates vlogs that let her fans see more into her personal life.

Not only does IU show her fun times, but also shares deep feelings she experiences after concerts. Like Solar, IU has also received a Gold Play Button

3. MBLAQ’s G.O (오예커플스토리 O.Y Couple)

K-Pop star G.O created a channel alongside his wife Choi Ye-Seul. G.O and Ye-Seul’s channel arises as a unique one as they give an insight into their married life.

Since seeing a K-Pop star’s love life is very rare, so the O.Y Couple channel attracts a lot of curious fans.

4. DAY6’s Jae (eaJ)

DAY6‘s Jae takes his viewers into a lot of comedic content. Jae uploads humourous videos like capturing stranger’s reactions to DAY6 to playing PC games.

Since Jae speaks fluent English, his videos are often a mix of both English and Korean. Overall, Jae’s channel holds a handful of content and variety that keeps his fans entertained.

5. BLACKPINK’s Lisa (Lilifilm Official)

Within Lilifilm Official, Lisa showcases her solo projects and dancing skills. Lisa also makes sure to involve her fellow members (JennieRosé, and Jisoo) in her mini vlog series Film.

With her talent in dancing and charming personality, Lisa’s videos are something you just can’t take your eyes off.

 6. N.Flying’s Jae Hyun and Cha Hun (두얼간이 2IDIOTS)

If you’re looking for a good laugh and chaotic energy, 2IDIOTS is the YouTube channel for you. Kim Jae Hyun and Cha Hun have stolen the hearts of viewers with their creative and entertaining YouTube channel. 

Together Jae Hyun and Cha Hun create videos that involve games, challenges, and trying different foods. The two also have many guest appearances from other K-Pop groups such as Super Junior’s Shindong.

7. iKON’s Chanwoo (찬우살이)

Just as expected from the maknae of the group, Chanwoo‘s channel is nothing but fun for his viewers. Chanwoo’s videos come in a wide variety of content. From vlogging with his members to gaming, Chanwoo does it all.

Though his channel holds all types of videos, he seems very passionate about reviewing foods. Throughout the channel, you can find Chanwoo trying various snacks and meals.