These 7 Idols Used To Live In Canada

Maple syrup and moose aren’t the only things Canada’s known for.

Tons of K-Pop groups have English-speaking members, and many of them are either American or lived in the USA for a time.

Mark of GOT7, who is from Los Angeles | JYP Entertainment

However, there are also plenty of idols who once resided in the great white north: Canada! These 7 idols are just some of those who used to live in Canada, eh.

1. NCT’s Mark

Born and raised in Toronto, Mark of NCT is one of the only idols on this list who was actually born in Canada instead of Korea!

Mark | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

2. The Boyz’s Kevin

Ever since age 4, Kevin of The Boyz knew Vancouver, Canada as his home. He lived there until he moved to South Korea in 2016 to start his music career.

Kevin | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

3. DAY6’s Young K

Also known by his English name Brian, Young K of DAY6 moved to Toronto, Canada, in his youth and attended middle and high school there before returning to South Korea and joining JYP Entertainment in 2010.

Young K | @day6official/Twitter

4. Red Velvet’s Wendy

Red Velvet’Wendy moved to the Ontario province of Canada with her sister when she was in fifth grade, and after studying in the United States, attended high school in Canada as well. She lived there until she joined SM Entertainment in 2012.

Wendy | @RVsmtown/Twitter

5. ITZY’s Lia

Lia from ITZY briefly lived in Canada while she was in elementary school, which is part of why she’s able to speak English so well. In fact, her stage name is actually an abbreviation of her English name, Julia!

Lia | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

6. Ex-Momoland Daisy

Though she has already left MomolandDaisy is another idol who spent a good chunk of her life in Canada. She lived in Vancouver for 11 years, though she’s stated that she hasn’t been back in a long time.

Daisy | @daisiesforyu/Instagram

7. The Boyz’s Jacob

Just like Mark, Jacob was also born and raised in Toronto! Along with Kevin, he brings the Canadian ratio of The Boyz up to about 22%.

Jacob | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

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