7 Idols Who Used To Be Fans…And Finally Got To Meet Their Biases In Person

Idols – They’re Fans Just Like Us!

1. BTS’s Jungkook – IU

Jungkook from BTS talked about how IU is his bias multiple times. On the days her albums would be released, he would push everyone he could to buy a copy to support her!

BTS sat down for a live interview with Yahoo Music and when asked what was the first album the members ever bought with their own money, Jungkook chuckled before answering, “Do you know IU?”

The famous IU stan finally got to meet his bias up close and personal when he got to sit next to her at a music awards ceremony! But he’s so nervous that he turned away and couldn’t look at her!


2. Momoland’s Jane – INFINITE

INFINITE is Jane‘s bias in a big way. Before becoming an idol herself, she ran a fansite dedicated to INFINITE’s L and Sunggyu called Baby’s Breath. She supposedly debuted as an idol so she could get closer to the group!

The rumor is that Jane used to be user @Lnamu_7 in 2012 and she had a personal account named @Cv204. She used the handle @BB_Pudding when she became the manager of “Baby’s Breath” in 2014.

A clearly nervous Jane stands next to Sunggyu as Momoland waits to receive their first win for Bboom Bboom since debuting!


3. JBJ’s Takada Kenta – Teen Top’s Ricky

JBJ’s Kenta is well-known for being a fan of Teen Top‘s Ricky.  Now that they’re both idols, they are big supporters of one another! Kenta’s dream of becoming a K-Pop idol was heavily influenced by Teen Top.

He even wore a shirt once that said “I am Japan’s Ricky” at a fan meeting to demonstrate who his bias truly is.

The two became close buddies after filming together for a sports show and now they share a budding friendship! Back in October, Ricky went to JBJ’s debut showcase to show his support for his friend, Kenta.


4. Super Junior’s  Heechul – Ahn So Hee

Heechul may have shared his love for other female celebrities in the past, but claims he has only been loyal to one. He’s been in love with Ahn So Hee for years – 10 years to be exact!

When he was doing his military service, he even had a picture of her in his room!

“The female celebrity I had my eye on for the past ten years is So Hee. My heart fluttered when I first saw her.” — Heechul

As Heechul again confirmed that Sohee is the only female celebrity for him, Sohee cutely teased him and wanted to confirm that this was true.


5. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi – SHINee

Hoshi from SEVENTEEN is a big fan of SHINee. He once confessed on Star Show 360 that he loved their music so much that he listened to them as he went to sleep… everyday!

Hoshi also revealed that he loved SHINee’s music so much that it made him want to become a singer as well.

An overjoyed Hoshi is smiling ear to ear as he is gifted a SHINee member signed album as an early Christmas gift by his bias!


6. EXO’s Xiumin – TVXQ

Xiumin from EXO is one of TVXQ‘s most famous fans. He even went so far to say, “If there was no TVXQ, then I would not have joined EXO.” He recently revealed that the reason he joined SM Entertainment was that he wanted to be in the same agency as his bias.

Changmin-hyung is my favorite senior. When I first met TVXQ, I froze. I wanted to obey everything they said. They were like gods to me.” — Xiumin

In return, Changmin has also expressed his gratitude towards Xiumin for his support for TVXQ.

“EXO is a group that is taking the world by storm. To have a person like that dream of becoming a singer because of us (TVXQ!), it really is an honor. I am thankful because it feels like I helped a young man find his dream.” — Changmin


7. SHINee’s Key – BoA

Key from SHINee is a huge BoA fan. On a past episode of JTBC’s Please Take Care of my Fridge, Key revealed that he owns all of her albums, and had purposefully kept his distance from her so he could continue to revere her as an artist. He recently had the opportunity to be on a reality show with his bias and viewers got to see just how close to they are!

The two idols have been recently featured on the reality show #KeywordBoA where Key recently promised that he would forever be a fan of BoA even until she was old and gray. 

He even promised to buy BoA a Hermes bag if he ever became more popular than her! At the last filming of their show, BoA sweetly thanked Key, “I will always support you, not from a distance but right by your side. Thank you.”