These Are 7 Important Things That K-Pop Fans Want To See More Of In The Industry

Are these things you would like to see, too?

Recently K-Pop fans discussed what some of their biggest pet peeves in the industry are, which are probably things that a lot of people can agree with. Now, fans have also been talking about certain things that they would like to see more of in K-Pop! From collaborations to how groups are run and concepts they’d like to see, the following list includes some of the more popular ideas that were discussed on the Reddit forum. How many of them do you agree with?

1. More co-ed groups.

What’s something you want to see more of within the industry? from r/kpop


While there can be difficulties and complications in creating and running co-ed groups, there is definitely a lot of fan interest in them! KARD has gained a lot of international popularity and attention, and there is certainly a demand for more groups with that unique mixture of masculine and feminine. It would likely be well-worth the time and investment!

2. More male & female collaborations in general.


Collaborations between male and female idols and groups is not nearly as common as it could be, which is a shame! Of course, there are oftentimes rumors of dating and other sorts of scandals when such collaborations happen, which shouldn’t be the case, because idols of the opposite gender should absolutely be allowed to perform together without such assumptions! It can be really fun to watch the chemistry between male and female artists on-stage and appreciate it simply for what it is.

3. More campy, silly K-Pop songs.


K-Pop these days seems to be trending towards angsty, serious, intense concepts, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all! However, with so many groups following similar concepts, it can get a little bit repetitive or uninteresting, and sometimes fans want something different. Campy and silly songs aren’t all that common anymore, which is why more groups should be doing them! It’s fun to see idols breaking out of their professional, serious personas and allow them to do something goofy and not serious and just let them have fun with such concepts.

4. More live singing instead of just pre-recorded vocals.


Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean expecting idols to sing live while performing and dancing full-out, because even the most experienced and talented K-Pop idols would have trouble doing both at the same time at 100%. How can you be expected to sound phenomenal when you’re out of breath from dancing so hard? It would just be a nice and interesting change of pace to see more groups allowed to have performances where their live vocals are more of the focus than the dancing! There are so many talented vocalists that don’t get to show off their skills completely and it would be great to allow them to.

5. Artists releasing content between official comebacks.


In between comebacks, especially during long hiatuses, some idols work on personal or side projects just for the enjoyment of it, such as BLACKPINK‘s Lisa‘s dance videos, or SEVENTEEN‘s The8‘s “Falling Down” performance. Not only do these allow artists to have a freedom of expression, but fans enjoy such content as well! As long as the artists don’t get too run down or exhausted from such projects, there’s no reason that there shouldn’t be more of them.

6. More self-producing/self-composing allowance for idols, especially girl groups.


While it has become more common for groups to be self-producing to some degree, it’s still pretty often that a group is given the songs, concepts, and all other aspects of their music by their company or other producers and creators, which takes some of the genuine feeling out of it. This is especially common with girl groups, though (G)I-DLE with their producer member, Soyeon, is one example of self-production in a girl group. It would be awesome to see more groups allowed to create their own music from beginning to end, to know that their own personal creativity and emotions have gone into the production of their music!

7. More bright, cheerful boy group concepts.


Similar to what was discussed in the point about silly or campy concepts, it seems that boy groups especially have been trending towards dark, angsty, sexy concepts lately, which again isn’t a bad thing in itself! But it would be a breath of fresh air to see some groups breaking out of that trend to do more bright and cheerful concepts again, especially groups like ASTRO, NCT Dream, and Golden Child that started out with lighter concepts and went dark and grungy.

Source: Reddit