These Are 7 K-Drama Characters That Fans Wouldn’t Mind Being Trapped On A Deserted Island With

Whether it’s for survival or good company, these characters are the best picks!

An age-old question: If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you bring? Making it more specific, which K-Drama character would you bring?

Although many K-Drama characters may not seem like a good fit as many of them are just regular, everyday people like us, there are actually many good selections! Let’s see what the fans on Reddit had to say.

1. Ri Jung Hyuk from Crash Landing On You

Captain Ri is a unanimous decision from the whole thread, and for good reason! As captain of a military troop, you would be absolutely safe in his hands. Not only that, but due to his already simple way of life, he would probably be able to make you comfortable in the meantime. His survival knowledge would not only allow you to survive but probably easily get you help as well.

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Fans also just enjoy that he’s good-looking and kind… but that’s a bonus.

2. Hong Cha Young from Vincenzo

While there were quite a few votes for Vincenzo himself, Cha Young was definitely the favorite! Fans mostly chose her as she seems like she would be a good friend and someone easy to talk to. They also think that eventually, she would come up with some creative plans for survival and escape.

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3. Hwang Hee Tae from Youth of May

Since Hee Tae went to medical school, fans hope that he can keep you alive by treating any injuries you may have from arriving there and during your stay. He is also incredibly sweet and would not leave your side. An added bonus is that he is a musician! So, perhaps in some way or another, he could bring music or song to entertain you.

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4. Lee Ik Jun from Hospital Playlist

First and foremost, Ik Jun is a general surgeon, so he would definitely be able to keep you alive. What’s even better? He’s fun to be around and can sing! He’s the perfect package of entertaining and useful.

5. Kim Shin from Goblin

What may seem like a strange answer is actually the best one yet! Kim Shin could just transport us off the island! Aside from that, he is played by Gong Yoo… and do you really need any other reason than that?

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6. Do Bong Soon from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

An obvious answer that many may forget is Bong Soon! Her superhuman strength could definitely help you survive on the island by protecting you from danger and building the necessities. She’s also just fun to be around!

7. Lee Chang from Kingdom

Anyone who can survive a zombie apocalypse can survive a deserted island. Need we say more?

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Source: Reddit and Image