Here Are 7 K-Drama Recommendations For Those Who Love Crime Fiction And Mystery

These dramas are a must-watch!

Who doesn’t love a little crime fiction and mystery? With the far-reaching genres that K-Dramas include, there’s a story for everybody! Here are 7 must-watch K-Dramas for the crime fiction and mystery lovers!

1. Signal

Signal is a crime drama that was released in 2016. The plot of the drama follows two detectives, one living in the year 1989 and the other in 2015, who communicate through a mysterious walkie-talkie, and solve cold-cases and also prevent other crimes from ever taking place, but with grave consequences.

A second season is said to possibly release in 2020.


2. Phantom

Phantom is a drama that was released in the year 2012. It details the story of a police officer chasing faceless enemies across the cyber world, particularly a dangerous hacker by the name of Hades, who entangles him in a murder with no leads.


3. He Is Psychometric

He Is Psychometric is a drama released in 2019, and is notable for its storyline! The plot of the drama follows a man who develops psychometry (the ability to read a persons’ or objects’ past upon touching them) after the the death of his parents, and together with a friend, his foster guardian and his guardian’s colleague, they work together to solve a case that has been haunting them.


4. Stranger

Stranger is a drama released in 2017, and details the story of an emotionless prosecutor, who ends up teaming up with a female detective who seems to be his complete opposite, and they work together to fight against corruption and uncover the truth behind a serial murder case.


5. Life On Mars

The drama Life On Mars aired in 2018, and follows the story of a man who proudly leads his own crime investigation team, until he suddenly finds himself in the year 1988 after an accident. He tries to figure out how and why he ended up 30 years in the past, and also has to adjust to a society 30 years older than his time.


6. Pied Piper

Pied Piper is a drama released in 2016, and focuses on the art of negotiation. The story follows a highly trained police force that specializes in containing, as well as diffusing volatile situations with their negotiation tactics.


7. Voice

Voice is a drama released in 2017, with a second season released the same year, and a third season that was released in 2019. The drama follows the story of a workaholic police detective, who later struggles with immense guilt after his wife was murdered while he was working. He teams up with a tough policewoman who’s father was killed in while she was investigating another murder, and they work together to catch a serial killer who’s possibly behind the murders of their loved ones.