7 Korean Drinks You Need To Try

You might have seen these drinks in K-Pop or Korean dramas.

One of the things Korea is famous for is its diverse and tasty selection of drinks. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic and delicious Korean drinks you can try.

1. Banana milk



This is a more famous one because multiple celebrities have been seen drinking it.



To describe its taste, it’s very sweet tasting milk that has a good hint of banana. It doesn’t taste too artificial and is good for someone who likes sweet drinks.

2. Milkis



This drink is like a carbonated yogurt drink. It’s extremely refreshing and is not as sweet as a conventional soda. It’s good if you want something carbonated, but not too sweet.

3. Shikhye



This is a traditional Korean drink that is usually eaten/drank for a dessert. The liquid of this drink is extremely sweet and tastes a bit like a refreshing candy. There is also rice mixed into the liquid so that there is something to eat with the liquid. It also smells really good!

4. Morning Rice



Some people consider this drink for older people because of its rice taste and not being too sweet or carbonated. It’s good if want something refreshing and light in taste.

5. Barley tea



This is a popular drink for people who don’t like the taste of regular water and want something with a bit more flavor. It’s basically like water with a hint of barley taste and smell.

6. Pocari sweat

While this drink might be considered a Japanese drink, it’s still extremely relevant in Korea so it’s included in this list. It’s famous for celebrities advertising it and being present in a lot of Korean dramas.



The taste is like a sports drink with a slight hint of fruit. It’s supposed to be refreshing/energizing.

7. 2% Peach Water



This a great drink to try if you’re tired of the boring taste of regular water and want it to be a little enhanced with a mild peach flavor. There is no carbonation or heavy taste with this one.