7 K-Pop Groups Who Deserve Their First Music Show Win

How have they not won yet?

For many K-Pop idols and their fans, music shows are a vital part of the industry. On these shows, the artists can showcase their latest music on a huge platform performing not only to their fans but all K-Pop lovers!

One huge part of these shows is the chart system that awards music show wins to an artist each week depending on certain criteria! Some artists storm the charts picking up wins; some have yet to pick up their first win!

Here are seven groups that have not won on a music show but definitely deserve to!

1. A.C.E

Even though Beat Interactive‘s only signed artist A.C.E debuted in 2017, many fans are surprised that the group has not their first music win. From their debut track “Cactus” to the latest comeback with “Favourite Boys,” the members constantly break boundaries and try new styles unique in the industry.


Since debuting in 2019, ONEUS has gained attention worldwide for their stand-out vocals, amazing performances, and bold music videos. With so much support and diversity, it is surprising to their fans that the group has not won a trophy, and many are hoping it will happen sooner rather than later!


As one of the few co-ed groups in K-Pop, KARD has been a unique part of K-Pop with a music style combining elements from different genres. Debuting in 2017, the group has releases tracks showing their diversity but has failed to pick up a single win. Some fans have put this down to the lack of investment for co-ed groups.

4. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher always stands out in their performances amongst the sea of brightly colored K-Pop with their unique and dark concepts! The group has recently gained worldwide popularity with these concepts but has yet to pick up a win for their music. With the recent release of their track “Odd Eye” gaining attention, it might not be long until the group picks up their first win!

5. Weki Meki

Since their debut in 2017, 8-member girl group Weki Meki has picked up fans from across the world with their music, visuals, and performances. Yet, their first music win has alluded them. With their talent, it cannot be long until their talent is recognized.

6. Up10tion

Out of all the groups on this list, Up10tion is the oldest of the groups without a music win! Debuting in 2015, the group has released several catchy and addictive songs. Hopefully, all their dedication will pay off, and the group will pick up a win on their next comeback.


VERIVERY debuted in 2019 under Jellyfish Entertainment with their song “Ring Ring Ring.” The group is diverse, bringing fans various concepts and genres through their music, even if they have not picked up their first win. After gaining attention through participating in Road to Kingdom, a music win cannot be far away!