These 7 K-Pop Groups Never Had A Comeback After Debuting

They were gone too soon.

The K-Pop industry is incredibly competitive, and trainees that work for entertainment companies are often lucky to even get to debut in the first place, as long as they work hard and commit most of their time and energy into their dream. Some groups, however, even if they do get the chance to debut, end up disbanding soon afterwards for various reasons, which can be really disappointing for those who enjoyed their debut song and hoped to hear more from them. Here are 7 different K-Pop groups that ended up never having a comeback after their initial debut.

1. X1

Of course, X1 is probably the most well-known case of this. The group was created through the competition program Produce X 101, with those that placed the highest in the show going on to debut in X1. The group of 11 members debuted on August 27, 2019, with the song “Flash” that quickly became a successful hit.

Sadly, however, due to a scandal involving rigged voting on Produce X 101, the group ended up disbanding in January of 2020. Fortunately some of the members have gone on to have their own solo careers, though, so it’s not all bad news!

2. Peach Girl

Peach Girl debuted under JM Star Entertainment in November of 2013 with the song “Fox-Fur Muffler”. They had five members — Mimi, Yuka, Bogyeong, Somang, and Hyunji — but sadly didn’t last long. They ended up disbanding the following year without releasing any other songs, though the reason hasn’t been stated.


DEMION was a five-member boy group that debuted under Lion’s Bridge in September of 2013, with their first and only song “Ask Her Out”. While their song was fun and interesting to watch, the five members — Yoon, Nakhun, Sangbum, Ssun, and Haekeun — ended up going their separate ways in October of 2014 without any other releases. Unfortunately, it sounds like their company was unable to continue to promote them due to financial difficulties, which led to their disbandment. This was the message that member Nakhun released to the public:

We apologize for such unexpected notice but some of you might have noticed that we, as DEMION, have not been active since our debut album. As the eldest of the members, I am here to sadly inform you that we have been disbanded due to financial issues of our label company. We have disbanded as a team, but we are still good friends and are currently helping each other with whatever help needed with each other’s work on music and career. Once again I apologize on behalf of all members to be informing you with the official disband notice.

4. The Ark

The Ark had a really promising debut with their song “The Light” that many K-Pop fans still to this day enjoy listening to and is relatively well-known despite it being the group’s only song. Debuting under Music K Entertainment in April of 2015, the 5-member girl group caught the public’s attention for their cover of BTS‘s “Boy In Luv”.

Sadly, despite their positive reviews, they were unable to come out with any other songs and were announced to have disbanded the following March. One of the past members, Euna Kim, opened up once about the disbandment:

We didn’t have any control. There was a problem with the company, and the result of our debut wasn’t very good either. Then the main vocalist had to leave the group because of vocal cord nodules and after looking for another vocalist, we ended up disbanding.

Fortunately some of the members have gone on to have solo careers after the disbandment.

5. BTL

BTL, which stands for “Beyond the Limit”, was an 8-member boy group that debuted in May of 2014 under Kiroy Company with the song “Too-G”. Though they were supposed to come out with a mini-album and second single called “Gold Moon” in July 2015, sadly the group never had a comeback. Their reason for disbanding hasn’t been stated, but it’s a shame, because their debut song is pretty fun to watch and listen to!


VIVIDIVA was a 5-member girl group under DN Entertainment that debuted with the song “Service” in September 2015. Sadly, despite the cute maid concept, sweet vocals, and adorable visuals, the members — Guu Me, Ha.L, Sara, Sunyul, and Saeyan — disbanded only months later in March 2016. Several of the members did go on to work as solo artists or debut in other groups, though!

7. Ye-A

Ye-A originally debuted as an 8-member group under Kiroy Company, though they went through several different member line-up changes in their short time together. They came out with their debut song “Up and Down” in July 2014. In November of 2015, however, Kiroy Company was purchased by Shinhoo Company, and after this happened, no further promotions were made by Ye-A. Though there’s never been an official disbandment, their SNS and fan cafes were closed down, and nothing has been heard from the group since. One member, however, who went by the name Kazoo while in Ye-A, is now in IZ*ONEKwon Eunbi!