7 K-Pop Idol-Based Reality Shows To Binge Watch During Quarantine

They’ve got talent in both entertainment and music!

Although K-Pop is full of content just in itself, from the music to the performances, it’s always nice to get a bit of bonus content through reality TV shows. K-Pop idol groups have been holding their own TV shows to reveal more personal and behind-the-scene content about their daily lives. From fun games to discussions on music production, these reality shows will surely keep you busy during self-quarantine.

1. Run BTS!

BTS’s Run BTS! has been airing since their debut and continues to provide fun wholesome content for fans. The show can go anywhere from fun games to interesting challenges, so there is something to look forward to with these episodes. They are currently one episode away from hitting their 100th episode! These can be watched for free through their V LIVE channel.

2. Level Up Project!

This variety show by Red Velvet started in 2017 and currently has three seasons. This show has the members of the group visiting different parts of the world in-between their promotion period. The first season was Bangkok, second season in Yeosu, and the third season in Slovenia.


TWICE TV is a reality show that follows the TWICE members on different adventures that include daily life, recordings, photo shoots, games, and more. The first season of the show started in July of 2015. TWICE TV currently has six seasons out so it’s perfect to start watching them now!

4. iKON TV

iKON TV is a reality show from YG’s boy group iKON and shares a more in-depth look at their personal life, interactions with one another as well as their schedules. There is currently one season out from 2018.

5. Real GOT7

JYP Entertainment’s group GOT7 started their reality show called GOT7’s Hard Carry in 2016 and Real GOT7 is a spin off from that show. This show reveals behind-the-scene footage as well as the group having fun and playing games. There are currently four seasons of this show.


MONSTA X-RAY is a variety show that currently has three seasons out. This show reveals the group playing a variety of games that will have you laughing along with them. From trying to perform a K-Drama to working at a daycare, they’ve got it all.


GOING SEVENTEEN are 20 minute comedy episodes that began in June 2017 through V LIVE. They take fans into their daily life and show the behind-the-scenes process of how they prepare and produce music as well. There are currently four seasons of this show.

What other idol reality shows do you like to watch? Let us know!