7 K-Pop Idols Who Slayed The Vampire Look With Blood Red Colored Contacts

Check out how spooky cool they look!

K-Pop idols get to try on all kinds of shades when it comes to colored contact lenses. To add to the performance concept or to spice up their styles, stars use colored contacts to drastically alter their looks. And of them all, here are 7 idols who slayed the vampire vibe with blood red lenses!


1. BTS’s V

Here is BTS‘s V looking like a cursed vampire prince with his fake-blood make-up and red lenses. ARMYs went mad for this dangerous styling on V, whose strong facial features made it seem even more like he was an animated character rather than real!


2. EXO’s Kai

EXO‘s Kai rocked these red lenses while performing. The chilling facial expression that he had on his face, while doing the choreography, really added to the spooky vibe that the contact lenses gave him.



BIGBANG‘s T.O.P is one of the firsts in K-Pop to have tried out different colored contact lenses. And of them all, his red contacts remain a lot of fans’ favorite because of the “mysterious count in a castle” type aura that they gave him.


4. BTOB’s Sungjae

Sungjae, from BTOB – a group known to have tried multiple adventurous concepts, also pulled these red lenses off quite nicely. Styled with other bold fashion items, like the red leopard-print studded blazers, Sungjae looked a dangerous man when he was promoting with these lenses on!


5. Sulli

While Sulli‘s lenses are pink to be exact, the lighting made her eyes look red in these recent photos she shared on Instagram. With bright pink hair and translucently pale skin, Sulli looks more like a fairy than a vampire – but nevertheless, her colored contacts are giving her a surreal vibe that is driving the fans crazy in love.


6. Lovelyz’s Jisoo

Lovelyz‘s Jisoo also looked mystical in her pair of red colored contact lenses. With red hoop earrings and red lips to top off the look, Jisoo made this otherwise bold lenses look trendy and effortless!


7. Former B.A.P’s Youngjae

Former B.A.P’s Youngjae dressed up as Dracula – and while the idea was to be spooky with his red contact lenses and the vampire cape, he was all kinds of cute and UWU. Youngjae looked like he would have been the world’s softest vampire ever!