7 K-Pop Idols Who Have Never Dated Before

Not even once.


BLACKPINK member Rosé stated in an interview that she has no experience with dating. Training with YG Entertainment since she was 15 years old, Rosé explained she never had the chance.


2. AOA’s Chanmi

AOA‘s youngest member Chanmi also said she has never dated anyone before. Chanmi explained, “I didn’t have a phone even after debuting, so I never got the chance to meet anyone.”


3-5. Lovelyz Kei, Sujeong, and JIN

Three members, Kei, Sujeong, and JIN, from the girl group Lovelyz stated they have never had boyfriends before! Kei mentioned wanting to go on the show We Got Married because she wants to experience what it’s like to date.


6. WANNA ONE Minhyun

WANNA ONE‘s Minhyun appeared on a TV show and explained he had had one girlfriend before. When other guests dug deeper, it turned out the relationship was all online and wasn’t real. Minhyun finally admitted he has never dated in real life before.


7. B1A4 Gongchan

At a fan signing event, when a fan asked how it feels to live as someone who has never dated before, B1A4 member Gongchan answered, “I’m dating everyday, with you!” But, truth be told, Gongchan has previously shared that he has never dated before, especially because of the 4-year dating ban from his agency.

Source: Dispatch and SDSA_32049