7 K-Pop Music Videos That Are Perfect To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Happy Halloween!

Its almost time for Halloween, and that means along with all your creepy costumes and parties, you get a creepy K-Pop MV list to throw into the mix!

Here are 7 K-Pop music videos that’ll definitely serve as a reminder that Halloween is here!

1.  Dreamcatcher


The sequel in story (and first comeback) to Dreamcatcher‘s debut song “Chase Me”, this creepy video is filled with dark horror themes, like a wall full of mirrors, hands clutching someone’s legs in a ritualistic fashion, voodoo dolls, and more!




Taking a hint from “Good Night”, the list continues with VIXX‘S “VOODOO DOLL”. This song and the accompanying video is a perfect example of K-Pop horror, with a madwoman hysterically laughing as she continuously stabs at straw dolls and the members doing their best to run away from her, all in the settings of blood and gore.


3. Dreamcatcher


Dreamcatcher is known for its horror concept. The MV for “PIRI” continues their scary legacy, while highlighting their trademark rock sound and the member’s immense talent and beautiful visuals.

4. Red Velvet


Red Velvet is known for having a very unique concept, always toeing the line between cute and creepy, scary and sexy. “Peek-A-Boo” falls into their scary-sexy category, with dangerous weapons being thrown at each other casually, ill-fated seductions, and the very unexpected, but apt, ending.

5. SHINee

“Married To The Music”

While SHINee‘s “Married To The Music” is not strictly a horror concept, the themes within the MV consist of body parts flying everywhere, members suddenly lighting up in neon, and many more factors that certainly make for one creepy party!




The track as well as the MV starts out in an energetic rhythm and is full of boyish charm as VERYVERY play an innocent game of tag. But then suddenly, it all takes a very dark turn…


7. Sunmi

“Full Moon”

This list cannot be complete without “Full Moon”, as it details the story of a seductive vampire who falls in love and waits for her lover, all enveloped in the smooth, sultry vocals of Sunmi.


Wishing you a very musical Hallow’s Eve!